IAT. Revolutionizing Real Estate

Hello dear reader! In this review I will try to acquaint you with an interesting ico and how I believe this can become a really breakthrough product in the future. And the future as we can observe already very close.

IAT is ready to take on the headache in many details of real estate, planning to start at the regional level, after leaving already on the world site, starting with the restructuring of construction of the real estate market and rental housing.
For tenants and buyers discounts will be available if they use project tokens for payment within the platform, for example, it can be a decrease in rental payments, and a reduction in asset management fees, etc.
Despite the allowable profit in the real estate market, many buyers are constantly faced with pressing problems and constraints. To maximize the benefits and minimum costs, the IAT concept addresses the following challenges by implementing blockchain technology.
Dormant problems:
The purchase of real estate includes expenses like a documentary turnover tax, transfer tax and registration fee, which is almost 3%. Together with administrative and other bonuses, this amount usually translates to 5-6%. The agency also charges you with no small fees thereby increasing the duty to 12%
When it comes to selling your property, such an operation implies a regular capital gains tax of 6% which is actually a sales tax, and it is charged with the entire resale value. Finally, the commission of the agency goes from 5% of the cost
All this in aggregate gives the costs for the owner of real estate. For example, such complex duties in the Philippines reach 24%, which is undoubtedly too much. IAT company with the help of its ecosystem and also creating legal companies can quite achieve reduction of such taxes and fees to 50%

Potential benefits:

To pay rent, it is recommended to use NIAT and this will provide a discount.
The company will try to attract more business partners to its system, which will give a huge potential for the development of the system.
Payment for asset management services Owners of NIAT tokens can use to pay for our asset management services.
Purchase of NIAT assets can also be used to purchase assets and reside in the IAT ecosystem.
Holders of payment cards for legal services can use NIAT to pay for the services of lawyers or legal advisers.
Payment for tax advice and services Cardholders can use the NIAT to pay for the services of tax advisers.
Owners of property tokens for sale or lease can use NIAT to pay commission sales when publishing products on a web portal.
Owners of assets can decide whether to receive rental or sale proceeds in the form of NIAT.
In the event that the commission is to be paid to the agent / broker, the chip holders can choose to pay the commission of their agent / broker using the NIAT.
The receiving commission for agents / agents / brokers may decide to receive their commission in the form of NIAT

Ecosystem IA Tokens.

IAT creates an ecosystem in which token owners can easily sell and collaborate with other token owners, as well as with investors who want to purchase an IAT for their portfolio. The company undertakes to purchase listings on various exchanges to facilitate trade and liquidity of tokens.

Road map:

 The Token distribution will occur as follows.

Sale of tokens - 2,000,000,000 IAT

Reserved Tokens - 1,500,000,000 IAT

Marketing, Operations, Bonuses and Bounty - 600,000,000 IAT

Team, advisers and lawyers - 400,000,000 IAT

Information on the token

Platform - Ethereum

Type - ERC20

Price in ICO - 1 IAT = 0,01 USD

Tokens for sale - 2,000,000,000

Min. investment - 0.1 ETH

Taking - BTC, ETH, Fiat

Soft cover - $ 1,000,000

Hard cover - $ 20,000,000

Additional Information:

Website: https://www.iatokens.com

Technical document: https://iatokens.com/docs/IAT%20WHITEPAPER.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IA_Tokens

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ IATOfficial /

Telegram: https://t.me/iatokens

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=856239

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