Greetings to you, dear readers. I am always glad to share with you the most promising ideas and start-ups from the world of crypto-currencies. They are created in order to facilitate our life with you and to change the world in the future. 

For the Muslim world, spiritual ethics are above all. Each of their actions must correspond to the scriptures. The rules of interpretation of the Holy Scriptures are interpreted by the Sharia. Doing something on your own, without the permission of the Sharia, is a big sin. 

Since the crypto market is quite a new phenomenon and the Sharia has not yet made rules, believing Muslims cannot operate with cryptocurrency. For example, buy tokens, participate in ICO, use services on the Block. For some, it may sound wild, but such a problem does exist. 

It is worth recalling that on Earth there are about 1.8 billion Muslims. While others are arguing about the rights of believers, the Adab project creates a solution. This is a crypto exchange, which will occur according to the rules of Sharia. Our review of the ICO project Adab.  


Today there are more than 250 exchanges of crypto money and are used by investors. However, there is no exchange of crypto money or investment vehicles that are suitable for the beliefs and sensitivity of the 1.8 billion Muslim population in 120 countries and their 2 trillion dollar financial assets. 

In particular, the Islamic financial potential of this scale cannot be transferred to the crypto-money world because of speculative movements on the stock exchange and the entry of projects that serve illegal areas without being sorted out. Most Muslims, especially gambling, drinks, drugs, interest, and speculative financial transactions are contrary to Islamic and Sharia rules, so many Muslims avoid investing.

When Blockchain technology emerged, it became a phenomenon, contact with those without the permission of the Koran was considered untrue. Sharia rules do not apply to cryptocurrencies, so Muslims cannot use them. No one knows whether this is a sin or not. The formation of the Sharia board, which will determine the rules for handling the cryptocurrency, is very urgent at this time.

The solution

To overcome the problem of alienating Muslims from the market, ADAB solutions are being made. This includes authoritative representatives from the Muslim world who will oversee the convergence process of the Muslim world and the world of cryptocurrencies.

The First Crypto Islamic Exchange is being developed and the Sharia Advisory Council is being formed. This will allow a systematic approach to the establishment of Sharia norms for the Muslim community in relation to cryptocurrencies.

To solve the problem of adherence to the Qur'an the Sharia Council is created which will be responsible for problems related to the treatment of cryptocurrencies. This will include the most authoritative representatives of the Muslim world.

Islam has been tested for centuries. Representatives of this world are characterized by character traits such as nobility and purity. This value is the basis of the ADAB system. However, this is a belief factor, which is very lacking in the modern world. 

Especially when it comes to financing. here in addition to the ADAB stock exchange will also include other decisions in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Especially, accelerators for halal projects

ADAB is not only open to Muslims. The ADAB system is open to everyone. The ADAB solution allows everyone to feel the effects of the spiritual values of Islam, through the centuries of our time.

Project Objectives and Functions

• All work and transactions in FICE will be fully compliant with Islamic rules and will operate within the framework of Sharia. In this context, the solution for all audits and problems will be provided by the "Shariat Advisory Board".

All moral and cultural values of the Islamic religion will be kept at the forefront in crypto operations.

• Not only will it handle the Islamic world, but it is also an alternative to an unethical system in this sector.

• Projects serving sectors such as gambling, usury, interest, non-morality, alcohol and tobacco products will not be traded under FICE.

• No speculative margin transactions involving investment risk will be permitted. ADAB will prevent such transactions.

• To build social peace and social justice in accordance with Islam, ADAB will provide 5% of net income and 2.5% of annual net income for ADAR Charity as needed. 


The main asset of the FICE currency exchange will be the ADAB token, the ERC-20 standard based on the Ethereum block system. It will be used as payment of commission fees when making transactions on the exchange. Users who are holders of tokens are not given the right to make decisions related to the internal affairs of the exchange.
Tokens accepted as commission fees will be gradually burned (10% of the total volume) until their number is 50% of the originally issued volume.

→ Name of the token: ADAB
→ Number of tokens for sale: 345,000,000
→ Soft Cap: $ 2,500,000
→ Hard Cap: $ 18,700,000
→ Price of the token: $ 0.1
→ Methods of payment: ETH, BTC

The distribution of ADAB tokens looks like this: 



ADAB solution is a much-needed project. For those who have nothing to do with Islam, it's hard to feel. The ADAB solution can be one of the best platforms,because this system was initially placed in quality which usually corresponds to everything that is durable and reliable. The success of ICO doubts collects a little. Token sales have begun.

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