Dear reader, I will now discuss one of the media innovation systems again. because lately there are a lot of applied systems from the blockchain itself. which all new systems adopt and use blockchain as the basis of their new system.

This can not be separated from the initial role of bitcoin that seems to be from an online media system, so now the bitcoin blockchain system is widely applied by paran system innovators into their new system.

The success of bitcoin makes a lot of people flock to come to him, and put investment in it. There are some people who get a lot of benefits, but some have to go home empty-handed because they get nothing, but only euphoric eats only.

The initial idea of this blockchain is now opening the eyes of the world and the investors to build a new business business based on blockchain. This opens a pageant of a new history sheet on social media.

One that started to jump into the world of this blockchain system is altconnect.

What is AltConnect?

AltConnect is a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform and AltConnect Coin (ACX) is the currency of this platform. developed this new coin using Blockchain technology. AltConnect and ACX allows for a self-managed, decentralized financial ecosystem with peer-to-peer Blockchain transactions.

What can I do with ACX ?

With ACX coins you can use all of the services offered on the AltConnect platform. In addition to that you can use ACX to transact outside of our platform too. You can send and receive money from anywhere in the world with small transaction fees.

How does ACX work?

  • ACX is a stand along currency created using Bitcoin's open source resources. it is not developed on the Ethereum Blockchain nor is it an ERC20token like many orther ICO tokens
  • ACX runs without having a central server, it's designed to be completely decentralized. We will be providing all the hashing power begin with, and new pools for mining will be created for community as the difficulity increases an the network load become unmanageable
  • The ACX Blockchain provides transparency and aswell as anonymity. All transactions on the ACX Blockchain can be seen by anyone, yet our user can remain complately anonymouse when transacting.


Our team has seen in the Blockchain a technological revolution. We envision cryptocurrencies as an alternative to the current financial system. we belive many cryptocurrencies can co-exist together and we want ACX to be up there with the orther cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.


AltConnect will focus on becoming a leader in this blockchain era of banking. Our mission is to provide many innovative banking and crypto services such us a multi-currency secure wallets to simply hold your digital assets, sending and receiving money across border (fiat to digital and digital to fiat), ACX Debit Card trough third paties, cryptocurrency exchange, mining and staking pools, and most importantly our landing program services.

In addition to our services, our mission is:

  • to spread the culture of the Blockchain ad cryptocurrencies,
  • to increase people's crypto awareness,
  • to promote aggressive investments and the challenge traditional banking,
  • to protect people from bank interest rates,
  • to create a decentralized world.

ICO Distribution:

  • Investors & Ico Participants 70%
  • Marketing & Affiliate Bonus 15%
  • Devlopers & IT Provioders 10%
  • Advisors & Legal 25%
  • Altconnect Team 25%

ICO Price

Total 11,428,570 ACX allocated ICO.

Total 8,000,000 ACX for sale to the public.

See ICO Distribution for use of remaining ACX coins.

Starting price $0.50

For more information:





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