Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)


The context of financial services has been characterised by changes in the regulatory, technological and societal landscape. Consumers are increasingly interested in mobile payments, crowdfunding and microfinance services, either for themselves or because collaborative consumption is viewed as a more sustainable. 

Retail branches are re-organised to further meet the expectations of customers, start-ups focusing on technology for financial services (i.e. Fintech) are ever growing and financial services companies reinforce their own innovation practices (e.g. creation of innovation labs or venture capital investment funds).

The innovation ecosystem around financial services companies represents the many actors with whom they can co-create and co-produce innovative new services for their customers (or for themselves). The innovation process is no longer a closed internal effort but needs to include external actors from the innovation ecosystem. 

This topic is especially interesting in a small and open economy where the financial centre takes a prominent place in the economy. The research question is therefore “How does the innovation ecosystem influence the innovation process within financial services companies?

The influence of the innovation ecosystem on the innovation process within financial service companies mainly comes from its social capital and value creation efforts. However learning to work and exchange in an innovation ecosystem is also expected to influence the innovation process in place. 

Realizing the potential of the innovation ecosystem requires sufficient capabilities to manage new information coming from the innovation ecosystem. The professional associations provide the necessary coordination among actors in the innovation ecosystem to co-create and appropriate value, while fostering co-evolution within the innovation ecosystem.

The Decentralized Approach

DCC opted for a decentralized approach to its services because after concise analysis of what goes on in the the present financial system, it’ll be foolhardy to still follow the same pattern.

The decentralized approach (powered by the blockchain technology) will help DCC stand out from the crowd and also disrupt the vesting of financial powers and policies in the hands of few persons. The end-user can now have a say and be in control of his data, thanks to the DCC ecosystem.

Why should I use DCC?

If you doubt the prospect of using the DCC platform, you should cast your mind back to the Corporation Model used by many financial platforms. DCC features a new model called the Digital Banking Model and this will replace what was used before – Corporation Model.

I believe you might have found yourself in a situation where you wanted to perform a transaction at your bank but unfortunately, your bank is not quite close to you. The Digital Model in addition to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) model provided by DCC always ensure you participate in DCC’s services. Your location can’t be a hindrance because you can participate from anywhere around the world.

Take a look below and examine how DCC is going to solve existing financial problems: 


The Cyber Sheng Foundation plans to issue a total of 10,000,000,000 tokens of the encrypted digital currency DCC. 12 months after this issuance, the total circulation volume will be 3,700,000,000, accounting for 37% of the total. In the private round , famous qualified investors in the fields of credit and banking will be invited for the investment, with the fundraising percentage no more than 17%, and the investment amount of single investor no less than 100ETH. 

At this stage, DCCs will be locked, with 25% of the total to be unlocked before the opening of exchange, and another 25% to be unlocked every two months, with the full amount to be unlocked in 6 months. In ICO round, 500,000,000 DCCs will be issued to Non-Chinese and American investors. All these will be directly circulated. The ICO hardcap is 500,000,000 DCC tokens, DCC token will be exchanged by ETH. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.

DCC ICO Information

• Token: DCC
• Standard: ERC: 20
• Type: Utility token
• The token cost in ETH: one Token = 0.000073 ETH
• Accepted currencies: BNB and ETH
• Hard cap: 36,500 ETH
• Soft cap: 14,500 ETH
• ICO start: 28th May 2018
• ICO send: 28th June 2018
• Full token supply: 500000000
ICO release of 500 million tokens 

The final allocation:

• 17% Private purchasers
• 5% ICO
• 28% Foundation
• 15% Market and Cooperation Agency and Consultants
• 15% Eco Reward
• 20% Management TeamCan’t participate: US and China.



More info link:

Official website - http://dcc.finance
Whitepaper - http://dcc.finance/file/DCCwhitepaper.pdf
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DccOfficial2018/
Twitter - https: // twitter .com / DccOfficial2018 /
Telegram - https://t.me/DccOfficial
Bitcointalk Profile Link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2240571

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