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The blockchain framework is encountering a fast acknowledgment and additional appropriation. Numerous ventures have seen its advantages, abilities, and possibility to enhance their activities, so they are embracing the innovation. 

Because of the wasteful aspects of the concentrated arrangement of running an industry which various ventures are utilizing now, bunches of businesses sort for a superior arrangement which will enable them to guarantee the proficiency of their tasks. 

The blockchain is a completely decentralized framework which is, truth be told, the response to the supplications of most businesses who were searching for an exit plan. 

The blockchain innovation has truly realized an incredible transformation in the different parts of the economy where it has been utilized by guaranteeing the clarity of activities, effectiveness, and speed in the framework with the guide of its advances.

The decentralized Crypt-ON platform is really a worldwide venture intended to address an assortment of loaning issues, cryptocurrency exchanging, and other topical issues. 

Crypt-ON clients will have the capacity to direct high caliber, exceptionally anchored exchanges, trade cryptocurrencies for fiat cash, and contract experienced experts to play out any essential work. 

Developers of Crypt-ON have made the platform as all inclusive and high caliber as conceivable to shield its clients from existing issues and extortion. 

There are several Tokens and crypto-currencies available in this project.

i-Point (IPT)

The main token of the Crypt-ON project is that the product digital token i-Point (IPT), created on the Ethereum basis (ERC20 standard). Token unleash and sale are meted out inside the TGE (Token Generation Event). The IPT token isn't a cryptocurrency or any monetary instrument however a postpaid service for victimization the Crypt-ON platform. It’s an enclosed payment instrument, utilized in payments for the Crypt-ON help services:

Terminal secure trades
finding employment/specialists
checking out loans
Conducting the cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange between platform users/participants. 

Crypt-ON is the project where people meet, make safe purchases in cryptocurrency, borrow cryptocurrency for their projects, find employers and freelancers for their tasks and get reward in cryptocurrency. This is not just another ordinary exchange platform, it is a complex peer-to-peer (p2p) crypto platform, designed to evolve into a full-cycle crypto DAO-system.

DAO is a new format of self-governing society.
Consisting of joint decision-making, based on trust and fair distribution of authority. Thus, creating equal and transparent cooperation. 

For More Information About Crypt-ON:
Website: https://crypt-on.io
Whitepaper: http://1hfdwieyua7mr71aub70vbjfbk7gjkylmuoq_x2fx5ly/
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3530713
Telegram: https://t.me/CryptON_ICO

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