Lancer Network is designed to provide Social Media Marketing and Advertising services of which the community

The cryptocurrency community plays a major role in the success of any cryptocurrency project. The community builds value in any cryptocurrency. Therefore, building a vibrant community is an important factor/possession of any cryptocurrency – as it builds trust and therefore growth for the cryptocurrency. Lancer Network, a platform based on Blockchain technology is designed for the benefit of the cryptocurrency community.

Lancer Network is designed to provide Social Media Marketing and Advertising services of which the community, which are live people, are participants. Unlike conventional platforms that use bots or other non-human systems, Lancer Network provides live advertisement services to businesses and projects (ICOs, etc.). This creates a vibrant/active community. 

The online advertising services are carried out by the community themselves. Lancer Network includes the workers and the work. Basically, in the cryptocurency world, an active community is a key to a successful project.

The lancer network is for the community and vice versa. Interestingly, users do not require high educational qualification or high computer knowledge to participate and earn online. 

Benefit for Investors 

  •  Increasing tokens cost 
  •  Advantageous payment conditions 

Benefit for Users 

  •  Reliability and trust 
  •  Full range of necessary services 
  •  Flexible payments 
  •  Payments in cryptocurrency 
  •  Simplicity of tasks 

Lancer Network idea is to create a platform where anyone can work on  simple tasks, businesses (focus on ICOs) can benefit and both the  parties add value to this ecosystem. They can make transactions in main cryptocurrencies or the native LNW tokens. 

Why Lancer Network stated as the best? 

  •  Native advertising and SMM from real users 
  •  Earnings in the industry of the blockade without any investment 
  •  A convenient hr site for finding kinds of qualifications for performing 
  •   Solution of non-standard tasks of promotion of the crowdsale and blockchain projects.

Advantages of Lancer

A wide range of services is available in the network. Users can perform mass-liking, and mass following tasks on the Lancer platform.

With the help of Lancer Network’s services, users can themselves set the price and terms of the job. This will help lowering cost of advertising.

Lancer network follows a bulletproof and transparent payment system that cannot be cheated. The payment of the task is possible only after its execution, but tokens from the customer’s account are written off/released at the time of request formation.

Lancer ecosystem is a one-stop solution. One platform provides all the possible promotion and advertising services. 

About ICO

Fundraising and the issuing of Lancer Network tokens (LNW* Conditional) are aimed at platform development, raising marketing funds, and advertising campaigns for the Lancer Network app. LNW token is a utility-token that provides access to the platform’s operation. 

A total of 250 000 000 Lancer Network tokens will be released. Lancer Network’s public launch and a global marketing campaign will be launched on the basis of the money collected during the ICO round. All unsold tokens will be burned.

The money will be allocated for the preparation of the public launch of Lancer Network platform, global marketing, and mass-signup of the workers on the platform.

Token price: $0.01
Token will be issued: 1.500.000.000
Private sale: 26.05.18
Number of tokens for private sale: 200.000.000
ICO : 26.07.18
Number of tokens for ICO: 880.000.000   



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