Cryptosolartech - Blockchain with Solar Energy



 The high energy consumption for cryptocurrency mining is the main problem in this sector. The miners suppose an enormous energetic cost for its functioning due to the enormous mathematical calculations that the processors have to do. It should be noted that the life of cryptocurrencies is strictly linked to electricity.Mining cryptocurrencies consume around 1.3 KWh of electricity, in addition to the large electricity consumption, we find that in some countries, rich in coal and oil, energy becomes cheaper by burning polluting fuels and causing more pollution and in turn a greater demand causing CO2 emissions to increase. 



 The proposal is to create a solar photovoltaic pool, capable of generating 45,000kW, enough power to supply the mining farm. Respira Energía will buy the energy from this plant to then send it to the farm located in Málaga, thus making the mining sustainable and profitable, without the need for common electricity.Respira Energía uses only clean energy, a company whose origin of central production is 100% free of CO2. 





During the Cryptosolartech ICO, we will obtain our own cryptocurrencies, in a farm where we will install 3.000 equipments to mine cryptocurrencies, in two different variants to optimize profitability, as well as being able to self-supply the farm with our own energy, coming from a solar photovoltaic plant, installed in the province of Seville (Spain), this energy can also be distributed as a service for electric companies.The Ethereum public Blockchain will be used for the management, generation of income and start-up of the physical assets that make up this project. The objective of this ICO is therefore, to create a mining farm of cryptocurrencies and a photovoltaic plant of solar panels to generate electricity. In order to participate in the project, only digital tokens can be purchased that will go on sale to register operations.The ICO will issue 1260 million Tokens called Cryptosolartech (CST). All Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be burned. No more tokens will be issued in the future. 


Photovoltaic solar installations to pool

 The basic reason for why the investment in solar energy can be profitable is given due to the drastic decrease of the materials for its construction, as well as the improvement of the electrical equipment performance, added to the constant expenses increase in power generation.The objective of this study is to obtain financing for the 45.000 kW photovoltaic electricity generation plant. 



Cryptosolartech has already signed a 15-year power purchase contract with the company responsible for supplying interested consumers. 



What is cryptocurrency mining?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, money is extracted, a known process as mining. The miners obtain the cryptocurrencies from time to time as a reward for solving a mathematical problem.

What is this mathematical problem?

Cryptocurrency users constantly send money from one place to another of the planet, so it is necessary to create a record to verify the payments. The nodes of the cryptocurrencies register these movements in the Blockchain; the work of the miners, is to confirm the transactions and register them in the Blockchain, so that, in each operation, they receive a small commission for carrying out this task.

When is a block created?

When a block of transactions is created, the miners give way to the next phase: They have to take the information from the block, and they apply a mathematical formula, which makes it something different, and smaller. Each time one of these miners manages to solve the formula and creates a successful hash, it is rewarded with the cryptocurrency that is extra-minating the transactions previously verified.

You have to be clear that...

The most important thing that you should not forget, is that cryptocurrencies are not created or destroyed, but they are EXTRACTED. 



Cryptosolartech Token (CST)

Cryptosolartech, is a digital asset whose holding will indicate ownership of a fraction, of a cryptocurrency mining farm and a photovoltaic solar energy plant. Initially the location of the photovoltaic plant will be in the province of Seville (Spain), and the mining farm will be in Malaga (Spain) in an industrial warehouse already enabled for this activity.Cryptosolartech is a ERC-20 type token that will work on the Blockchain of Ethereum.The CST Token is classified as a Utility token, so all owners will have rights of use over the assets acquired, and may request their exploitation and use at the time they require it.For this ICO a set of 1260 million tokens Cryptosolartech will be issued. All tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be burned. No more tokens will be issued in the future. The initial value of 1 CST is equal to 0.10 Euros. TRY OUT OUR MINING PLATFORM DEMO

Assets Distribution



Beginning April 16th, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT +1)
Number of Total Tokens (100%)
Ending July 14th, 2018 (12:00PM GMT +1)
Number of Tokens for Sale (80%)
SOFT-CAP: 983.733 €
HARD-CAP: 71.400.000 €
Accepted Currencies ETH,BTC,LTC,BCH,XRP, FIAT
Minimum Investment 5000 TOKENS



FEBRUARY 2018 - Guarantor pre-agreement connection point.

APRIL 2018 - Start of the ICO.
MAY 2018 - Application Administrative Authorizations (GICA)
JUNE 2018 - Environment Authorization Request.Request Authorization of Public Constructions.Confederation Authorization Request.Endesa Authorization Request.Electric Network Authorization Request.
AUGUST 2018 - End of ICO
SEPTEMBER 2018 - Aquisition of Land.Acquisition of industrial warehouse for the development of mining.Acquisition of ASICs.
OCTOBER 2018 - Application for Construction License for photovoltaic plants.Conditioning of facilities for the development of mining.
 NOVEMBER 2018 - Installation of the photovoltaic plant.Installation of mining ASICs.
APRIL 2019 - Start of photovoltaic activity and mining operations.









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