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Welcome dear readers, in this new article I would like to show the enterprise SNIK . I'm sure you've heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies, ICO ... be that as it may, CYBR is the coolest, and for the finer elements, we're heading to related topics:

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, when we see how society develops, from the social ancestors of the ancestors we have moved to an alternative social structure in the most modern world, where people work in a specialized way and can do as such in the global situation, from anywhere on the planet due to the approach of innovation and the Internet. The cyber interpersonal organization will be the most special and informal Crypto organization .

Our world does not stand still, but keeps pace with the times. New technologies and innovations are emerging. One of the innovations is, of course, a decentralized network. Agree with the decentralized network is very convenient to work, for example, various companies and organizations, as it solves a huge number of problems, as well as eliminates the editing of personal data and various types of fraud. But it's not that simple. There is still a possibility of a hacker attack. Because in every network you can find a "loophole" that can be hacked or bypassed in different ways. Various campaigns and crypto-exchanges and not only, every year lose a decent amount of money because of scams. There are many examples: in January of this year, the crypto-exchange Coincheck was attacked by a hacker and its damage amounted to 534 million US dollars. Also in 2014 Mt. Gox reported its bankruptcy, losing 750 thousand bitcoins. In General, there are many such examples. To be responsible for the protection of the blockchain, a CYBR project was created.

**About the project **

CYBR is a unified security solution with the most modern software that is optimized to work on the blockchain. The main task of CYBER is to ensure the security of crypto-wallets, transactions and all other actions that take place in the blockchain.

The founder of Shawn Key has extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity and is credited with the title of "ethical hacker". His campaign for 10 years has achieved great results and has an excellent reputation. Shawn Key noticed almost identical problems on the blockchain as in other cells of cyberspace. Therefore, he decided to introduce his software, called CYBR Ecosystem –BlindSpot, into the blockchain.

**How does CYBR? **

The main technology is BlindSpot -a software THAT provides decentralized network security. This software quickly finds disguised threats and suspicious actions from hackers and eliminates them. This allows the user of a PC, tablet or mobile device to prevent the theft of personal data and other troubles. BlindSpot constantly monitors the actions of files and programs and if there is any attempt to affect the security and privacy, it is automatically suppressed. In General, protection is included 24 hours a day.

In addition to the BlindSpot software, There is a web portal through which data is transferred online. The web portal has a number of functions: checking for threats, community support, information about the purse and many others.

Also project CYBR has its own wallet with contacts addresses. In simple terms, you can send your tokens to verified addresses. The wallet has the advantage of recognizing your face and other biometric data. It is quite simple and most secure, as your private key will not have to enter anywhere.

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