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According to the results of 2017 in the US, UK and Germany research work INRIX found that drivers have to pay a substantial fee (both economically and emotionally) to find affordable Parking spaces. The search itself costs the citizens of the United Kingdom in 44 hours (the national average) per driver per year. Together, the annual costs of all drivers are estimated at $ 33 billion. Their American counterparts spent 17 hours (nationwide average) per driver per year, which costs us citizens a total of $ 72.7 billion annually. These amounts are getting even higher.

Plus, to add fines for Parking and overpayments for additional Parking time, drivers in the UK pay a whopping $ 44.2 billion a year, and Americans fork out $ 95.7 billion. When searching for a Parking space to spend a lot of time and unnecessary Vesnina. As a result, the annual traffic jams are obtained. According to a 2017 study in the UK called pollution and congestion Control, professors David Begg and Claire hay have found that congestion and pollution are rising in all major UK Cities. When congestion occurs, the exhaust pipe emits four times more exhaust than when traffic flows smoothly.

The PARQ platform was created with the intention of significantly improving outdated urban infrastructures. The goal is to streamline everyday activities for any driver who is often in the heart of busy cities. The minimum viable product (MVP) - PARQ Parking app will be updated and expanded. New features will include real-time traffic information, congestion, and most importantly, a guidance system that helps drivers find the nearest and most accessible Parking near them. It will also be developed a universal API for companies, garage Parking, municipalities, service workers, emergency services and ordinary consumers.

The API panels will be connected to a variety of smart city solutions that will target and rely on the IOT integration of smart car technology. Collecting traffic data will allow the app and platform to provide our users with a constant stream of accurate time and traffic situations. The companies are already investing heavily in IoT and it will be a matter of time before each car becomes a smart car ready to connect to the PARQ Platform. The Parksen Green, Smart & Connected City Platform will run exclusively on the PARQ token, a proprietary token on the Ethereum blockchain.

PARQ creates and runs a fully functional and proven Parking application that has been in operation in the Netherlands since 2015. Parksan were designed and built almost entirely by the Director-General Eddie Postmay that is active in the industry of Parking for many years. Here are some quotes from Eddie.

Together with our real-time Parksen Parking is a completely new global platform that will allow us to create solutions to the problems associated with congestion and traffic jams in heavily populated urban areas with the help of energy-efficient, smart and affordable IOT devices.
Our application and Platform have been tested in the Netherlands. My team and I worked in digitizing small and large cities within the country. Now we are going to do the same only on a global scale. We will build a platform, integrate smart IoT devices, and continue to develop our application based on the wishes of our users. Developers will be allowed to contribute to our platform through an open API and free SDKs. We look forward to seeing all your innovative creations!
The Parksen app currently allows users to easily find and reserve Parking spaces in the Netherlands. The app works completely in the cloud and is connected to municipalities and Parking garages through a variety of APIs, users are always guaranteed to receive information about Parking opportunities in real time near them.

Moscow traffic is known for low speeds and high workload. On the global platform INRIX - Road map, Moscow ranks 2nd with 91 (!) hour at the driver in the year suffering from congestion. According to the TomTom Traffic Index, drivers in Moscow will have to deal with 49 additional minutes of travel time each day.

The Russian government launched a major intelligent transport system (ITS) in 2014. This system included the installation of more than 7,000 sensors that were installed on roadside posts and buildings across Moscow. They are used to measure traffic intensity, average speed and congestion. Also, more than 1,200 traffic cameras are located throughout the city, which will warn drivers about the dangers and accidents, according to the international article ITS of 2015. Despite these actions, Moscow still remains at an incredibly high congestion and slow speed.

Anyone who has a Parking space will be able to use the Parking platform to make it available to other drivers. Do you have a free space in front of or inside your apartment building? Rent it out to your other driver! Thanks to a smart contract you will be able to rent out your seats and earn Parq utility tokens. The Parksense Platform will claim a Commission of 5-10% for the provision of services.

Token economy, ICO details, roadmap and team

Conclusion: the Project really deserves attention. The team has been working on its product since 2015. All social networks are available for viewing. Team members often attend various events and conferences. Presale began on June 1 and will last for a long time. The idea is very interesting and popular! The project definitely deserves attention!


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