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Blockchain technology in taxi industry?

 Today we want to share our advisor Vytautas Kaseta comment about A2B Taxi project with you guys.

“It’s all about communities. With A2B we’re building happy travelers community, that needs genuinely distributed and highest quality licensed taxi services in whatever country or city they stay.

A2B token utility will assure transparent and reliable use of platform economy model and reputation system, precisely what we need to build social responsible users and service provider community.

Uber solved some logistics fragmentation issues. Uber wanted to disrupt licensed taxi business, but what they did is just established yet another huge corporation, that centralized and concentrated unlicensed taxi business in their hands. Fares are cheaper but at what price? There is the low quality control for the services; there are juridical problems in almost all countries.

With A2B we want to make a decentralized taxi service and distribute wealth to community members. We’re building trust-based social platform, which connects licensed taxi service providers and taxi service users into one community platform. We use distributed ledger technologies to implement a token economy system and build trust-less reputation based relationships.”

As Vytautas said, it’s all about communities now. We hope to see you in ours!

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