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hello peoples, we met again in Kingsraid ICO explaination. Today im here to explain about Betrium Bets

so, here it is

The gambling industry is developing and moving towards. Gambling already take a part in most people lifes and the Market Review illustrates this. We do not respect traditional betting services due their unfair conditions and other problems described in "Problems" section. Our mission is to change that.

Also, we think that every single event organizer like private Austrian box league should have an opportunity to earn money on bets. Betrium will give that opportunity to all, including individuals such as e-sports streamers.

Finally, we will provide a powerful Public RESTful API so developers may create as much betting bots as possible.

In Betrium bets happen off-chain and only added when the event happens and the outcome is undeniable. However the bets are broadcasted all over the network instantly for the odds to be recalculated.

That means, in contrast to competitors, we are able to provide high-speed betting service built on decentralized IT architecture.

Betrium is the platform developed by an intellectual group of entrepreneurs belonging to MIT and MIPT. It is the first partly-decentralized global betting service, including betting exchange and Sportsbook, with zero commission, acceptance of cryptocurrencies and offering a platform for developers, event organizers, franchisee and third-party betting service providers who can create and manage their custom events and earn income from betting.

Leveraging Upon the Industry-Growth Opportunity
Betrium holds the credit for developing the first global sports betting platform operating in the industry that is generating at least $0.5 trillion of revenue on an annual basis. By 2017, the worldwide regulated gambling market generated around $533 billion of revenue. The betting market accounts for $70 billion in total gross yield globally. In addition, the unregulated sector is way larger, with more than 100 million users regularly betting on sports every month.

How it Works?
The bets over Betrium platform take place off-chain and just added when the event takes place so that the outcome cannot be denied. Nevertheless, the bets are broadcasted all over the network immediately for the odds to be addressed. It implies that unlike other similar platforms, Betrium offers higher-speed betting service developed on a decentralized IT architecture.

In view of the volatility stabilization goals, the professional betting cannot be executed without fixed USD amounts. The company is in the process of preparing for Curacao online gambling license.

The Core Features
● Profit Sharing

Betrium distributes 50% of the annual profits among BTRM token holders. Each token holder will get a 50% of the Betrium’s profit on a regular basis. The BTRM tokens are backed by Betrium financial success and its increasing worth.

● No Volatility

The platform offers cryptocurrencies volatility stabilization for the token holders. The platform fixes the balances with virtual USD/EUR so as to protect users from losing in the regular dumps. It will be achieved by integration of exchange functionality and partnerships with local and global exchanges.

● Legal Activity

The company aims to make the platform fully legal. It is in the process of obtaining Curacao license for its online gambling, along with plans to get licenses in UK, Malta, Germany, USA, and Australia as well.

Existing Problems

— No Worldwide

— No Cryptos Support

— No Platform For Organizers

— Unfair Conditions

— High Commissions

— Taxes

— No API

— Blocking of Bots

Our Solution

Fully Worldwide
BTC, ETH, DASH, ERC20 Support
Volatility Stabilization For Cryptos
Platform for Event Organizers
Up 20% More Profit
Lowest Commissions
Tax Optimization
Powerful Open API


Betrium provides unique betting creation platform for event organizers such as e-sport streamers or small sport leagues.


Betrium works globally and supports crypto-currencies withdrawals all around the world. 24/7 support on 18 languages.


Betrium does not take comission from money deposits and withdrawals, winnings. We also do not take taxes on personal income.

To achieve Betrium's goals, we are launching an Initial Coin Offering to issue Betriums tokens B T R M on the public blockchain. BTRM is an ERC-20 token build on Ethereum. A total of 140m BTRM will be issued only. The tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Unsold tokens will be burnt.

Token | BTRM

Platform | Ethereum

Type | ERC20

PreICO price | 1 ETH = 6000 BTRM

Price in ICO | 1 ETH = 1200 BTRM

Investment info

Accepting | ETH

Soft cap | 5,000 ETH

Hard cap | 125,000 ETH

Tokens Allocation



June 2016

We found Betrium


April 2017

Private investment - Betrium raises $220k from angel investor.


September 2017

IT infrastructure - Development of IT infrastructure is 70% completed.


October 2017

Preparation for ICO - Legal issues, marketing, advisors.


Late October

Pre-ICO - Betrium's pre-ICO starts.


10 November 2017

MVP - Betrium launches public MVP.


December 2017

ICO launches.


Late December 2017

IT infrastructure - 80% of IT infrastructure prepared for the first closed tests.


January 2018

End of ICO.


February 2018

Open Beta - Betrium launches open Beta for desktops.


May 2018

Official release - First official launch of Betrium for desktops.


June 2017

Open API Beta - Betrium launches API for developers and betting service providers.


September 2018

Mobile Apps - Mobile apps for iOS & Android releasing.


October 2018

Open API release.


Late 2018

Betrium Cyber - Launch of platform specifically for cyberspots.

Preparation for SCO - Audits, marketing.

Casino release - Release of the first set of online games such as Bingo and Keno.


Early 2019

Secondary Coin Offering


Mid 2019

Betrium LIVE - Betrium launched live broadcasting service for sports and particularly e-sports.


Mid-Late 2019

Lottteries release - Release of decentralized lottery platform.



Betrium Statistics launch


Mid 2020

Licensing - Betrium starts licensation process on the most important markets.

Visit Betrium on

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Bitcointalk Username: Kingsraid

Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1936096

ETH Address: 0x2611c981AdAb7109E26D0C1798e7B7F20764d5A3

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