FintruX - Global P2P Credit System

The Fintrux platform will provide convenient financing conditions for borrowers and investors. The project's founders plan to create an ecosystem with maximum liquidity and provide favorable conditions for all participants of the platform.

Fintrux is an online ecosystem that is developed on the basis of blockbuster technology and combines borrowers, lenders and rating agencies. The given platform, will allow to carry out commercial crediting by means of a real peer-to-peer network. The platform will be especially relevant for small and large businesses, for start-ups and will facilitate the passage of their capital.

There are many companies that offer financing in this way, but unfortunately they are imperfect and have a number of problems, demands that complicate the whole process. For example, it is not profitable or convenient to take loans to banks through banks, since banks provide loans exactly as much as money on the account and have the right to take control over the borrower's accounts. For enterprises with low liquidity, such conditions are completely inappropriate if they want to have capital.

Traditional banks and other lending institutions have very strict requirements, which complicates the process of taking out a loan and puts restrictions. The purpose of Fintrux is to make credit services accessible to every user and to simplify the process of registration. For a loan, usually require a lot of documents and the verification itself also takes a long time, up to one month, as a result of a check receive a positive answer of the unit. Another drawback of this market is high interest rates and a complex payment schedule.

In exchange for the existing conditions for taking a loan, Fintrux offers small businesses to take out loans for very short periods and at favorable terms. The big plus is that the loan can be taken in any currency and without making a deposit.

The Fintrux platform will work on the basis of blocking, so the platform users can be sure that their data will be safe and will not pass into the hands of scammers. Another positive thing is that the data entered into the system can not be changed or faked, which is very important, especially when it comes to lending

Fintrux will also offer more favorable terms and low interest rates. The platform neutralizes credit risks and, in case of default, provides cascade insurance services. Fintrux will also cover 1 out of 10 unrecovered loans, cover excess losses and reserve 5% of the tokens for insurance, in case of unforeseen losses.

The Fintrux network will generate a unique smart contract for each loan and all this will occur in real time. For each user there will be additional functions in the personal account, financing options and access to rating agencies.

The Fintrux tokens will be used for payments within the platform and will serve as a reward for all participants in the platform. Agencies, guarantors of the network will receive payment in FTX tokens, the commission for transactions will also be paid in tokens.

The sale of Fintrux tokens started on February 7 and is scheduled to close on February 28 or until the company collects a maximum amount of $ 25 million. To date, the company has managed to raise more than 18 million US dollars. At each stage of participation, investors can receive bonuses in the amount of 0.6 to 5%. To purchase tokens, you need to register and the procedure KYC.

All collected funds during sales will be used to create and develop the project. The funds will be distributed as follows: 40% for technology development, 25% for operating expenses, 25% for marketing and promotion, 10% for legal issues, including issues related to confidentiality.


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