GlobaTalent — ICO and Review!

Globatalent is a platform that threatens the $ 100 billion sports rights industry by giving fans and investors the ability to support players and clubs by announcing a prior sale of token targeting accredited investors. Founded in Spain and supported globally by a group of experienced sports industry and blockers, Globatalent is co-founding director general of Sunil Bhardwaj, Jon Fatelevich and Ferrán Martínez. With its own unique industry experience, each of the co-founders has created a passion for disturbance, revolutionization and increased transparency in sport financing.

Following a direct evidence of unequal distribution of talent for people and clubs, Globatalent co-founders are struggling with a hidden, centralized funding structure in sport. As a response to financial difficulties that prevent both players and clubs from realizing their true potential, co-founders at Globatalent have developed a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum Block Chain, giving players and clubs the opportunity to fund themselves by providing their future right to Revenues for fans and token owners.

Thus, financial control is derived from several dictation investment companies and is given to admirers who have already emotionally invested in their favorite clubs and players. Moreover, admirers will not only benefit from becoming more closely connected with their sports heroes and teams, but also to receive symbolic awards.

Players will also benefit from this change of control. Previously impossible in a centralized structure, the Globatalent platform gives players a great deal of power over their future income rights, which they want to exchange in exchange for funding.

The funding will be fixed in smart contracts, and the markers will be released and distributed when the players and clubs achieve their goals. In accordance with the principles of honesty and transparency, all token owners and sports players have access to profiles, achievements and development plans on the Globatalent platform.

Professional players who share the views of Globatalent, were recruited into the adventure sports and the role of ambassador. This includes the former star LA Lakers in the United States and the Vice President of the NBA Players Association, Maurice Evans, who has twelve years of top basketball league experience around the world.

The platform covers a wide range of sports events, including football, basketball, soccer, golf, handball, cricket, and more. Currently, Globatalent has two main clubs that will use the platform, including the leading female handball team in Spain and La Liga and Levante UD outfit.

Their team developed a distributed platform using block chains technology, and you and the wider community have access to various teams / athletes. We benefit from investing in players or teams on the markets we offer. Profits are earned by acquiring and selling future benefits guaranteed by your own rights of withdrawal, transfer of players, prize money, salary, ticket sales, television contracts or other income. You do not need to spend a lot of money, and you can invest a small amount of money. In addition to investing in this player or team, I also participated in the development of this athlete.

The Google platform allows users to buy and sell tokens on the GLOBATALENT market. Users can buy and sell different futures profits from different players and teams depending on their capabilities. Teams or players will be funded by ticket, sponsorship, television rights, player rights and / or future rights of other clubs they sell. All this will be transparent to the public.

Today, this technology is safer than common technology, so we prefer to use the technology of block chains. Unlike traditional technologies, the technology of block chains is safer and more economical, since it does not require an outsider side. This method is better and more reliable, since the technology of the chain blocks minimizes system errors.

GLOBATALENT will help athletes or teams who need financial support for their work, allowing them to disperse the sports industry and allow their fans to invest in teams for profit. 33% of our expenses are used to support the GLOBATALENT Youth Program, a funding program for young athletes who do not have the economic resources to develop their sports and academic careers.

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