NPER - intellectual property is now under reliable protection!

How acute at the moment is the issue of intellectual property protection, knows for sure, each author, whose content was stolen because of the fact that copyright has not been confirmed. Organizations that issue patents are trying to artificially inflate the cost of obtaining it. Getting a profit is the main issue that concerns patent agencies. It is this reason that hinders the development of intellectual property.

I think that every content author would like a trouble-free confirmation of authorship. If there was a working system that allowed doing this without turning to patent organizations and paying a lot of fees to prove their authorship, each author would appreciate it in dignity.

The South Korean company NPER decided to create a high-tech project that solves the problem of intellectual property owners. In grandiose the plans of the creators of the project - to take the leading position in the world market of confirmation of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property for NPER is a digital asset. The new business model is based on decentralization and blockchain. Such an approach will bring a stable income not only to the creators of intellectual property, but also to investors.

Smart contracts, through which the ownership will be confirmed, can not be faked or in any way intervened and changed. This fact is a guarantee of trust on the part of both partners and authors. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, it becomes possible to obtain confirmation of authorship without intermediaries. In addition, smart contracts guarantee both the security of transactions and their speed.

The new era of intellectual property began only recently, at the end of 2017, when the NPER project was founded. All points of the Roadmap created by the team are executed ahead of schedule. And this is an excellent proof of the professionalism and cohesive work of the team of the project, consisting of professionals of the highest level.

To date, there is a test platform, which runs a beta version of a secure android-wallet, which can store all the tokens of the standard ERC20. In the purse in the near future will be added new unlock functions by the owner's fingerprint.

All points of the road map are painted before the end of 2019. The team quickly and enthusiastically overcome each problem and achieve the best results.

One of the important aspects of the successful work of the project developers is the conclusion of contracts and partnerships with major global brands and experienced advisers. The project team has partnered with such major brands as Kiwi Media, The Star Asia and Global Entertainment Media Companies.

Collaboration with cryptographic platforms such as VEVUE, the copyright protection system for video on the blockchain, Influence Chain, a project that specializes in the monetization of digital assets of celebrity intellectual property, Cennarium, the first content distributor on the blockchain, plays an important role in promoting the platform and enhancing it trust among a huge number of people.

The project is widely covered in major media publications in Europe and South Korea.

30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure

ICO was held from 11.01 to 18.01.2018. I want to pay special attention to the fact that platform tokens were sold in a few minutes. The first stage of the PRE-ICO ended 22 minutes after the start of sales, and the second - in 1 minute! The speed record was set during the main round of sales, when all the tokens ended in 17 seconds!

While some projects for a long time and often without success did not collect any softcap, the NPER project during its sales showed a tremendous interest of investors in the company's product. Achievement of such a result is only possible to teams of super professionals, which is the team of the NPER project.

Until now, the NPER token has only been traded on one BIBOX exchange. The price of the token on the ICO was $ 0.2. While the coins of many projects after the ICO in this difficult period of winter - the spring of 2018, when the market was bearish and even the leaders of the crypto-currency market lost most of their value in the price, NPERcoin was able to keep the price at the level of the coin exit at the stock exchange in the region 0.2 $. Definitely, this is a sign of stability, great team professionalism and huge potential of this coin. When the market turns in the direction of growth NPERcoin will please its investors.

Today, on May 30, 2018 the team of the project and the whole community supporting NPER is great news! The coin NPERcoin conquers yet another market, it is represented on the South Korean Coinrail Exchange. This is definitely positive news, to which the market should respond positively.

The project team consists of young and ambitious specialists of the highest category who have experience in all areas necessary for the successful implementation of this project. For example, Daniel Nam, CEO and co-founder of the company is the youngest head of the business department in multinational NGOs. The rest of the team is equally educated, smart and ambitious for the implementation of such a grandiose project. Most of them have experience working in large corporations to develop successful brands.

NPER is a functioning project with a young and ambitious team, with a product so necessary for a huge number of people. He has every chance to achieve grandiose success, realize all his plans, making the project NPER super popular and in demand.

Do I consider investing in a project as a good investment? Certainly! Now is the right time to invest in the NPER project. The coin costs as much as it cost during the ICO. This is a very tempting offer! The team is actively working on the implementation of their plans. A lot of partners support the project. Right now is the best time! Do not miss it, then not to regret the missed opportunities!

P.S. My thoughts are not an unconditional recommendation to action. Everyone must independently make a decision about investing, basing on his conclusions or his intuition. Do not forget about it, so as not to regret in the future! All good and good luck! Thank you for reading my thoughts :))

30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure

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