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How do you imagine the future with cryptocurrencies? I personally imagine it this way: I have a plastic card with my entire crypto portfolio. There are ATMs all around where you can withdraw ordinary paper money with this card. With this card you can pay in any store.

What else? In my mobile there is an application from which you can manage all cryptocurrencies. Easy to send, receive, simply by selecting addresses from the address book. It is also absolutely safe to store cryptocurrency there.

And yet, in the online stores in front of each product there is a QR code, with which you can pay for any goods with a cryptocurrency. Easy and simple, just reading it with the application in the phone. And this future is not only like me.

ARAW is a decentralized platform on the blockchain, which makes all the things I have listed available! Here both the card, and the mobile application, and payment of any goods in 2 clicks with a mouse - everything that one could only dream of!

Well, now let's look at all the benefits of ARAW in more detail.

Benefits of ARAW

So, we get a secure wallet for cryptocurrency, which is in our application on the phone. We also get a plastic card that can be easily used in any store.

In addition, we have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency, simply using the card. Why? Because retail stores can thus encourage us to shop. These can be bonus programs and loyalty programs.

ARAW-Pay widget that every online seller can install! And also hold numerous promotions. In this case, we also get a complete decoupling from the boundaries and time of banking transactions.

By the way, about banks - they can also be connected to our mobile application. And this is a completely different level of service!

ARAW is a phenomenal project that brings our future closer. Cryptocurrency will be used not only conveniently, but simply! This will invariably attract those segments of the population who previously avoided them. Just look at the ratings of this project! Experts from the field of cryptocurrency simply can not hold back the delight!

I really like this project and I believe in its continued success. I will follow the news to keep you informed. By the way, the ICO project will end in February, so you still have time to make a decision. You can read more about the project at the links below.


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