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You know, good projects with a blockchain are like gold. They are few and rare. It highlights their awesome idea and concept. Of course, they are supported by a large number of investments. Today we will talk about one of these.

IOU is a unique decentralized platform on the blockchain, which allows you to trade bonus offers and promotions in various retail establishments, restaurants, and much more.

How does it work?

In order to understand the essence of the work of IOU, let's take a look at one specific example.

You live in Paris. And, suddenly, passing by one restaurant, you notice that there is a special event for visitors in it. The first 100 buyers of special coupons will receive a 50% discount on their next dinner.

You are a small restaurant lover. But maybe on IOU you will find a buyer for such an offer? Maybe it will be a person, who arrives in Paris for one evening and he just needs such an offer? And you can earn on it. By selling this offer for IOU tokens.

In general, you understand the essence. IOU brings together sellers and buyers who use and love viral marketing. For sellers, this is beneficial, because all promotional offers are bought up faster. Including with the subsequent goal to sell more expensive. For customers, this is a permanent access to a variety of bonuses and loyalty programs.

And this is just one example of using this platform!

ICO & token

1 IOUX = $0.28
All tokens is 200,000,000

IOUX token distribution after ICO:

Budget allocation:

IOU is incredible project, that has no analogues. The original idea, a great concept - make this project extremely attractive. I will follow him closely and inform you about the news. Do not forget to pay attention to the links below - there you will find even more information about IOU!


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