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Tiberius coin - access to the market for technical metals worth 34 trillion dollars!

Around the world, the physical metal market is divided into several levels depending on the type of metal. The reason for the change in metal prices is the supply and demand. So, for example, if there is a threat of war, then people rush to take their investments from banks and invest them in valuable metals, such as gold. The reaction to increased demand is rising prices. And, conversely, with a decrease in demand for metal goods, such as automobiles, the prices for raw metal fall. Traditionally, precious metals are considered defensive assets, that is, they are bought at a time when the situation in the stock market is far from stable, during various crises and financial turmoil. Precious metals give reliability in the future, because this asset does not have zero value and will always be in value.

Not everyone can afford to buy the metal in the required quantity and again, it is not always possible to reach the sellers, but today the digital cryptocurrency platform opens up incredible opportunities and the company Tiberius Crypto AG (, having many years of experience in working with physical assets, launched the Tiberius coin project based on blockchain technology. The Tiberius Token (TCX) is a coin of intrinsic value, as it is supported by physically supplied metals, which are used in industries such as IoT, transportation, space technology, robotics, mobile and computer technologies. This coin was developed as a logical response to the real problem of global inflation in developing countries with emerging markets. Tiberius coin is the safest and most decentralized asset ever issued because it is not associated with currency, but with metals. This token is a kind of stabilizer in the area where volatility prevails.

Tiberius coin is divided into three classes of metals:

Technological - metals necessary for the creation of computers and modern technologies

  • Tin: 14%
  • Copper: 23%
    Electric transport - metals required for the construction of electric vehicles and batteries
  • Cobalt: 10%
  • Aluminum: 7%
  • Nickel: 11%
    Stabilizing - precious metals
  • Gold: 17%
  • Palladium: 13%
  • Platinum: 6%

Tiberius Coin enables you to participate in this growth story by directly investing in the asset-supported TCX token, which includes physical metals. Within the framework of the project, the initial placement of metals is carried out - IMS, after which the team will not receive a single token, all coins will be in circulation.

  • There is no upper financing threshold for the project.
  • The lower funding threshold is $ 20,000,000.
  • Token Name - TCX
  • Price per unit TCX = $ 0.70

Register in IMS

Tiberius coin is the first cryptocurrency supported by industrial metals, it is your access to the market of technical metals worth 34 trillion dollars.

Of these, $ 11 trillion - Robotics and information technology: these technologies will continue to grow at inconceivable speed, as companies strive to scale, reduce costs, and benefit from this innovation.
$ 16 trillion - IOT & Telco: all core technologies rely on some form of communication, large technical and telecommunications companies use communications via the Internet of Things to collect more data, increase profits and introduce new technologies.
$ 5 trillion - Transportation: New technologies strongly influence such things as the delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles (Amazon), autonomous driving (Tesla) and other initiatives that will change the approach to basic transportation.
$ 2 trillion - Space exploration: SpaceX and Blue Origin are already expanding boundaries in this direction, all innovations in this industry will require a huge amount of resources from all areas of the technology industry.


Road map

This platform has great chances for success, because Tiberius is a strong and well-known company in the metallurgical industry. Join us first with TIBERIUS COIN!

The official website of the project and Whitepaper
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