ConcertVR Platform For Music & Entertainment Content ICO

ConcertVR took up the battle and is pretty pleased to present an exhilarating block sequence based option for an until now unsatisfying live show environment. The concertVR software will better the music market with an exceptional product and service supplying and will build a win-win condition for the background music industry along with the music supporter. Live concert events from across the world will be delivered to your home at reasonable prices and will assist you to watch your beloved artist doing as if you will be attending a live performance - every from the comfort of your own home. ConcertVRs experience is not only limited to live concerts. You will probably have the opportunity to select concerts and songs about demand via a growing concertVR selection.

All info will be kept on a decentralized cloud primarily based data traditional bank which will be securing the net simply by nodes. Not any user info will be placed on concertVR servers or perhaps will be acquired by third party corporations. It is the end user itself who have decides what sort of information he can will to talk about. Transparent ledgers will make traditional style paper based accounting obsolete and definitely will solve the down sides of accounting and taxes issues. Clever contracts will require no advanced, which will reduce costs as well as some will guarantee the very best security criteria. They will immensely decrease deal costs. ConcertVR will create an unique currency CVT which will be primarily fixed to Ethereum and has to provide to purchase live or in demand events and music.

Furthermore, their company is searching for to bring more the real live footage of the concert. The organization has driven plans to also build an online shop that would allow users to buy individual tunes, concert occasions, and unique content and access that you just would not or else find throughout the typical encounter. Entertainment businesses tokenizing content material are also able to offer feedback and dynamics that creates a more customized experience. Among such encounters is the capability to vote. They would like to create a social networking of types, where users vote on the favorite track and designer, which is getting an increasingly utilized strategy with tokenized organization models.

The objective of the tokenization of this system is to produce a micro economy just like that of kick’s kin and also other social network systems that allow multiple players to spend and sell the creation with their content. When it comes to concertVR, they are going to enable performers to sell their particular music straight to the public throughout the platform, through tickets, subscribers, and even allowing the sale of merchandise and also other licensed items.

Tokens Info:

 Token Symbol :  CVT
Token Block-chain : ERC20
Soft Cap :  $2.5 million
Hard Cap :  33,000 ETH 


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