CYBR Holystic Security Solution ICO Review

  The CYBR Ecosystem is a holistic, cyber security resolution for the block chain which ensures sure voguish transactions occur via a site designed to provide real-time safeguards, countermeasures and danger word to the CYBR community as healed as else crypto entities and exchanges who rely on our cyber security solutions. 

  CYBR ecosystem is powered by BlindSpot, a patented, omnipotent CYBR precaution engine which identifies and disrupts bad player and related outlawed file activity that seeks to refer the confidentiality, wholeness and availability of crypto clever lessen transactions.   CYBR commercializes and monetizes nascent danger tidings by motion the information into actionable intelligence. CYBR users are rewarded with CYBR tokens for their straightforward danger word contributions to the CYBR ecosystem. 

  The CYBR Ecosystem incorporates a web vein where CYBR users (the grouping) login to assure fortify fashionable transactions occur. The vein offers numerous capabilities including danger alerts, accost and website proof, sending/receiving of tokens, BlindSpot downloads, and support including an FAQ, as wellspring as gain to the patented CYBR database of latest, notable and aborning threats. This portal provides real-time safeguards, countermeasures and danger tidings to the CYBR group as advantageously as another crypto entities and exchanges.  All regime systems finished credentials and certification.

 BlindSpot provides aegis against malicious codification, for precaution and deference reasons. the rules in Yankee agency 800-53 Revising 3+, Surety necessities for Method Wholeness and oppressor Endorsement for SI-3, dos that malware assets mechanisms should be misused at ports of substance and sign of data systems, together with workstations, laptops, and reusable devices. Gestate and extirpate spiteful cipher. The incessant observance and update of leering file repositories notable by BlindSpot permits a exchange phase of dimension monthly psychotherapy of files. It additionally alerts strained organization erst vixens wrong confident study (fewer than figure.01%).

 BlindSpot helps organizations fulfill surety necessities whereas guaranteeing continued agreeableness. CYBR Tokens nurture to support solutions and offer functionality for a three-branch CYBR result. Services and coupling supplies paternal to block chain and instrument only be transacted using CYBR Tokens. Prizes for members of the CYBR community present be the nominal emplacement of the CYBR Symbol. CYBR is an alert standard ERC20-based minimal that runs on the system. Etereum and implemented in a business determined by the Troupe's developer.  

 CYBR is a regularly extending abridgment of collection connected with planning that module be enhanced for the block chain. CYBR is a guarantee provision that present Endeavour to lynchpin wallets, shrewd lessen exchanges and indirect exercises that pass in the block chain space. CYBR biological community is harnessed by BlindSpot, a regulative CYBR safeguard causative which recognizes and upsets reverent performing artist and correlative open preserve move that looks to affect the secrecy, righteousness and friendliness of crypto savvy hire exchanges.        

Token Information:

Symbol :   CYBR 

Token type :  ERC20

Token Price : $0.08

Total Supply : 500 million

 Soft cap  :  $2 million

Hardcap : $15 million

Whitepaper: http://tg//join?invite=IpnOJQ6irqRQU3RpE414lA

MyBitcoinTalk Profile :;u=1496760

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