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  MenaPay is the initially block-based repayment gateway that may be fully recognized in the Middle East and The african continent. EdenPay changes traditional repayment methods with cryptocurrency completely supported by blockchain. Mission MenaPay is building web-based websites and applications that will allow the use of crypto payment approaches to various websites and facilitates Arabic at the dashboard.

Fresh payments just like Bitcoin and also other cryptocurrency alternatives have disappointed us as they are expensive and involve huge and poor transaction costs for your daily payment demands such as shopping, paying for cabs and other companies available for everyday. EdenPay should change the circumstances by taking 100% nonbank Islamic digital solutions, work with blockchain to make a single foreign exchange for use in daily and cross-border transactions.

Menapay backed by USDs would transform that while 1 Menacash would frequently be equal to at least one USD, this kind of linking of Menacash towards the USD could solve the challenge of unpredictability faced simply by traditional cryptocurrencies and can conveniently be revulsion to fedex at any given time by simply customers and merchants throughout the Menapay groundwork and this is the currency designed for transactions relating to the Manapay system. Transaction around the Menapay program would stream from buyer to Menapay then for the merchant and vice versa.

Menapay also delivers easy-to-use and secure alternatives such as computer system and portable wallets, the usage APIs and SDKs, revealing and a management dash for retailers, Arabic end user interfaces. Central East and Africa place not utilization in traditional financial tools due to conservative practice of Islam and the poor banking program. MenaPay's might Support these to provide simple and fast onboarding Portable Payment Iphone app and Persia Language to work with safely and your cryptocurrency community with nonbank and User friendly.

MenaPay can be described as key breakthrough discovery in the method of deal as it reduces middlemen including financial institutions. MenaPay offers a blockchain-oriented repayment platform that facilitates the appointment of sellers and buyers why reducing the need for intermediaries. This greatly reduces the transaction price. Yet another wonderful achievement of MenaPay system is reallocation of profit. MenaPay will help the potential buyers and vendors by eliminating the advantages of intermediaries inside the transaction. As a result, the MenaPay platform helps with redistributing cash from the aggressive financial institutions towards the buyers and sellers with the product.

MenaPay brings a 100% Islamic, non-bank digital solution, applying block-chain to make a single currency exchange to be found in everyday and cross-border financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies simply cannot easily provide in daily life deals because of their selling price fluctuations and cash-out problems and treatment. MenaPay should address this kind of by using its own symbol, MenaCash. which can be 100% supported by USDs, to be used as the currency just for transactions within the MenaPay system.  


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