Viewo is an online video sharing task which was built based on blockchain  showing system. Most stakeholders inside the platform are quite incentivize  because of their active engagement either big or small in returns. The incentive  features the form of VEO Tokens -- Blockchain electricity tokens having high  value both equally internally and externally. Unlike present online video  sharing websites operating entirely on a prejudiced system; Viewo will work on  the different way that will be user friendly, such that praise every members for  their finished engagement and rewarding content material creators and viewers  together. Viewo is a highly fulfilling video posting ecosystem which includes  the support and support from reputable agencies of a large sum of modern  influences. It is a reward meant for payment system to each of their  user.

System will use GRAPHICS servers combined with a specialised  software technology for live and on demand video transmissions. This will allow  the delivery of content for very high rates. This is termed as ultra-low  dormancy streaming in Viewo, it will probably be called Bufferless instant  online video playback. This permits the platform to supply the planets fastest  full resolution designed for high resolution buffering.

The network will  stream live messages with local ads inserted into the online video stream. The  network prevents pop-up blockers from getting rid of ads. The powerful web  servers used on Viewo can swap from GRAPHICS to CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT based on  the streaming requires. Unlike all their competitor’s websites, the site can  easily encode video tutorials on the fly, that may see video clips being enjoyed  immediately after they can be uploaded, which in turn eliminates holds off. The  croping and editing of the application will be made by use of AJE technology  allowing content makers to change and enhance their videos. The woking platform  also offers a customized off-chain micropayment technology that is Viewo will  have lots of advantages for its users. For instance, the wallet could make it  user friendly because the staff the importance of “non-techies” to use the  pocket without dilemma. Most existing wallets is not hard to use just for tech  qualified but puzzling for non-techie users; consequently , the pocket book will  be constructed with user-friendly and simplicity features.

The VEO Tokens  is trapped in a friendly opportinity for user, developing of digital wallet that  is certainly developed by Viewo network, where every users can be in a position  to identify the fund equilibrium online and throughout the mobile program with  availableness on Android os and iOS app. Together with the app every single user  should be able to send bridal party to various other Viewo users through the  software and wallets and handbags system included with a net  wallet.

Viewo is an online video sharing job which was built on such  basis as the blockchain-based sharing program. All stakeholders in the Viewo  platforms are really incentivized with regard to their active involvement either  tiny or incentives. The incentive features the form of VEO Tokens; a blockchain  tool tokens which includes high value the two internally and externally. Not the  same as present online video sharing websites operating exclusively on a  prejudiced system; Viewo will work over a different methodology that will be  useful, such that encourage every individual for their accomplished engagement  and rewarding articles creators and viewers all together.

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