Volentix introduces VDex, designed like a distributed, decentralized digital  property exchange with emphasis on consumer experience and community advancement  and governance. By being able to access established systems and preparing  selective fresh protocols with priority upon security, velocity, authentication,  simplicity of use, scalability, and multi-asset support, VDex expects to help  peer-to-peer deals by putting together a profile of decentralized applications  constructed on EOS. IO wise contracts. The Volentix release point anticipates  matching Volentix’s design requirements to obtainable technologies superimposed  on the EOS. IO decentralized operating system. All of us intend to check our  presumptions by prototyping via customized EZEOS software program, which all of  us built and customized with EOS. IO’s close control line equipment.

The  vast majority of persons view the fluctuations of the world of Bitcoin and also  other so-called cryptocurrencies as awfully risky. Volentix is having a digital  resources ecosystem (DAE) with the equipment necessary to aid a broad target  audience to enter the digital possessions world with relative relieve, safety,  and security. To facilitate recruiting of individuals to aid the Volentix  vision, a motivation program financed by Volentix’s native digital asset VTX  will soon become underway.

Vespucci is a great analytics engine that is  available through an user friendly interface. It has real-time and historical  marketplace data which includes sentiment studies and digital assets rankings.  VESPUCCI produces in the user assured and extensive relevant industry data  simply by aggregating the info that is presently scattered through variety of  websites, chat rooms, blockchains, and exchanges.

VDEX may be the major  expoliar of the system, which is an allocated and decentralized digital  investments exchange that emphasizes about user encounter, community  expansion, and governance. Through getting at the founded technologies as well  as the planning of recent protocols whilst prioritizing in speed, protection,  ease of use, authentication, multi-asset support, and scalability, the VDEX  exchange helps peer-to-peer orders by building a collection of DApps that are  developed on EOS. 10 intelligent contracts.

The native foreign currency of  VOLENTIX is the VTX token. VTX is the crypto currency utilized on VDEX exchange  and inside the four support beams of VOLENTIX system intended for services. This  covers areas such as repayment of charges and distribution of plans to the  network. It is also applied to the VDEX exchange being a fee répartition token,  to vote around the submitted plans on the network through the voting rights  invested in token cases, and to incentive participants in venue  promotions.

Open purchase books support integration to decentralized  exchanges, in effect creating a massive decentralized exchange of exchanges,  adding to the fluid and performance of all the linked exchanges. VDex is also a  pillar inside the Volentix environment, a network of DApps whose synergy  promotes higher liquidity to get users although simplifying and enriching  customer experience, offering comfort pertaining to users, and maximizing  secureness of end user transactions.

Volentix believes that incentivizing  potential participants to teach themselves within the project achieves the  double goals of informing the general public and developing the pool area of  followers. For a limited time, Volentix is also rendering an opportunity to get  200 VTX to those who also successfully total the whitelist qualification  procedure for purchasing VTX in the forthcoming formal sales scheduled meant for  February you, 2019.

Website : https://volentix.io/

ANN thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5048597

Twitter :  https://twitter.com/Volentix

Telegram : https://t.me/volentix

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