Alpha Car, get your Lambo with this ICO :)

You know how car makers try to name their cars something impressive, but fail to do so, just like second-hand car sellers, trying to trick you into buying damaged goods? Here is a script from a Seinfeld show that got stuck on my mind: 1 Car names are so stupid, aren't they? No baron has ever owned a LeBaron. Or the Ford LTD. LTD. Limited. It's a limited edition. What did they make, Yes, it's limited to the number we can sell. Or when they try and mangle a positive word into a car name. You know how they'll do that? The Integra. Oh, integrity? No, Integra. The Supra or the Impreza. Yeah? Well, I hope it's not a "lemona” " Or you'll be hearing from my "lawya”. The same thing is true when you are buying a second-hand car, you can never be sure that the car is good, it had no major accident, or it is a “lemona” :).

You can always bring a mechanic with you, but that’s not a guarantee that he will know everything and doing all that is very inconvenient. The second-hand car business is very subjective, and it is very hard for an ordinary consumer to research and deal with all the factors changing the price. The car may have all kinds of accidents, repairs, or maintenance cycles, the owner may have missed some required maintenances, could be hiding some of the major repairs or accidents. Or, he could simply be a model citizen and wants to sell his car for the fair price it deserves. Either way, it is an excellent practice to know the car’s history for both sides. The blockchain technology provides that transparency and the records are permanent. In other words, any car in the system will have its own permanent record from the time it enters the system, with all its repairs and accidents, paint jobs, etc. The records cannot be changed, cannot be hacked or manipulated. Another advantage of the system is that a lot of fees and expenses such as seller’s sales, inspection, operations personnel, the buyer’s testing personnel, and third-party testing agencies get paid lightning quick and the system works much better than the traditional transactions system, letting you get a hold of your car quicker than anything. Since the platform will be on Ethereum chain, the smart contract can be used and this can help with conflict resolution. The smart contract system enables the transaction only when certain conditions are met, and this can be used to make sure that everyone does their part when the time comes. If there are problems with the car, that comes out down the road, the smart contracts can be adjusted to fix that problem, and release some of the money later.

The company has 20 years experience in the Chinese automotive market. Bill Deng, the founder of AlphaCar, has been in the automotive industry for many years and the rest of team has sufficient technical knowledge and experience to carry out the proposed blockchain project. Bill Deng is the former CIO of Chery Group, which is a very large car company. He is also one of the Ph.D. students of Prof. Vernon Smith, a Nobel Prize winner in economics. Professor Shengli Zhang is in the team and he is a top expert in the blockchain technology, which gives me confidence that this platform will be very successful. The AlphaCar project formed a partnership with Go2Solutions company, which claims that it provides the future of safer driving powered by smart solutions. This insurance company has been wanting to get into the Chinese market and working with AlphaCar will provide not only that, but it will also help them get into blockchain technology in the Chinese market. Blockchain technology is a haven for insurance claims because the smart contract can be used and everything can be streamlined. In the future, there may even be a peer to peer insurance, as people may share the risk, avoiding the middleman, the insurance companies. With the blockchain technology, insurance policies will be solid as a rock, and they take perhaps seconds to minutes to process. autonomous vehicles, drivers, insurers, and retailers alike can benefit from these technologies and the AlphaCar platform. In addition to insurance, people will be able to finance other people through the blockchain technology when they want to buy a car. This means that ordinary people will be able to act like a bank, and this will be a trustless system thanks to the smart contracts. The billion Chinese can definitely use such a company, and I am pretty sure they will be able to serve the World once they have their technology up and running in mainland China.



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