Ecosystem that Encourages Self-Regulatory Blockchain

What is Eqwity?
Eqwity is an ecosystem that encourages blockchain industry self-regulation by introducing new ICO standard, decentralizing company governance and opening doors to tokenized shares trading. Powered by EOSIO

The risk that the project will prove to be a fraud. This is a major problem of many investors, because today the project market crowded with fraud scheme. New ideas are the most designed to simply withdraw the funds, without the opportunity to get.

There is no real. In some situations, investors spent an impressive amount for the support of the project, and they do not receive stock or other securities can guarantee future profits. The creator of ICO can only assign funds, refusing to work together at any convenient time.

Today is the launch of your own projects full of many real problems that do not allow you to fully implement your plan. People who are trying to promote their ideas in the digital world, but finding the funding is not easy.

ICO startup is always associated with a certain risk, so many promising ideas are ignored. The developers of the platform of decentralization Eqwity will make a real revolution in this segment and provide their clients with a platform for placement of candidate projects. This is a great opportunity to minimize all risks involved and is looking for investors who are ready to support new ideas. The platform will be the basis of a chain block Eqwity which will guarantee the security of all members of the global community project. Everyone will be able to implement their plans using the potential collateral.

The creators of the new projects often do not think about all the details required, leading to major problems in the future. That is why they need the tools to effectively carry out their plans.

Investors were not able to get the information about the project creator. They really have to act blindly, which often causes problems with fraud scheme. There is no way to work on a global scale. After all, there are currently many countries which do not allow publicly run and administer the ICO, claiming that it was a problem with the law.

Eqwity provides several key features, such as decentralized ecosystem allowing chain-block will be implemented across most sectors. Thus, people will be able to identify their own assets and carry out promising projects.

Second, Eqwity platform also opens new opportunities for all customers. Only safe and proven project will be available here, which will avoid problems with fraud scheme. Trust relationship between the user of the platform is decentralised platforms that will be supported by smart contracts, providing maximum security to all transactions carried out.

Third, the large Exchange based on a chain of blocks. This platform will allow all shareholders to seek options for profitable exchange. Decentralized platform platform users no longer have to spend time looking for various services and Exchange, they will be able to perform the required actions on the platform;

and the last is a chance to meet the newcomers. Anyone can be an expert in the segment of the real launch of the ICO. In the future, the founders would be able to take advantage of the decentralized platforms to find personnel. This is very important.

In this situation, you have to highlight the features of smart contracts. Because these details each transaction shall be regarded as official and true, mandatory. Smart contracts eliminate fraud. Thanks to expert opinion, investors will be able to choose only high quality and potential projects for their investment.

Developer benefits
Decentralized platform allows you to put the ICO to attract investors for the full implementation of the plan. Because of the uniqueness of the platform creator Eqity prospective projects will be able to find the funds for further development. Investors interested in stocks and to get the Token.




The contents of this project, partly I quoted from the Whitepaper and Website Eqwity.

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