ChangeNOW provides customers with unlimited electronic money exchange services

CHANGENOW Digital Currency Encoding Current The token is the first token generated by the time period. Tokens will charge money inside CHANGENOW, it will be the basic method to register coins and new cards into our government.

When CHANGENOW becomes very fast, the tokens will be a staggering demand.

How does ChangeNOW work?

Here are the basic steps used by ChangeNOW:

Step 1) Choose your electronic money: for example, or fiat for any number of passwords. In the drop-down menu, you select the desired encoding.

Step 2) Enter the address of your wallet: enter your wallet, then click "Next". If you do not have a wallet, ChangeNOW will connect you to the platform to create wallets.

Step 3) Confirmation: Check all information and click "Confirm".

Step 4) Send Money: ChangeNOW will create a mailing address for you and you send the deposit to this address.

Step 5) Earn Coins: ChangeNOW promises to find the best bet from one of the top ten integrated exchanges. Your deal will be processed and you will receive your pennies in the destination pocket. In the process, do not request KYC, email or password. There is no long registration process, no account and no limits.

In general, the exchange for ChangeNOW takes 5 to 30 minutes.

CHANGENOW is trading in the form of electronic money, where you can switch silently with the digital money.

Instead of trading cryptresources with different clients, you pay CHANGENOW to buy an encoder for your benefit (or you buy CHANGENOW from your pool).

You pay for the administration, but you can secretly deal with an unlimited number of forms of electronic money.

CHANGENOW will charge a commission of 0.5%. You can trade multiple cryptographic changes, despite the fact that Bitcoin and Etherium are well known.

Features of ChangeNOW
ChangeNOW specifies all of the following functions:

Anonymity: ChangeNOW does not store your personal information, so you do not need to create an account on the platform before exchanging electronic money.

Ease of use: You can send your own electronic money to exchange or purchase password with your Visa or Mastercard.

Just: ChangeNOW's claim to choose the best exchange rate for you. All costs are stated before the exchange.

ChangeNOW fee is 0.5%. They do not show any other fees. It looks like the table is automatically added to the exchange rate you paid. Based on this billing information, ChangeNOW seems to be a very competitive price.

Security issue

The focus is made after almost a security issue.

Some store tasks for customers are at risk of attack.

Moreover, although observing the system as imagined and very cautious in general, current efforts may experience the adverse effects of human error or again the frustration of innovation.

Despite all the efforts, there is a lot of room for additional damage, errors can lead to abnormal cash flow measurement.


Ticker: NOW

Full name: ChangeNOW Token

Type: ERC20 Token

Total supply: 200,000,000

Decimal: 8

Minimum investment: $ 50,000

Maximum investment: $ 500,000


As the number of users of electronic money is expected to increase, ChangeNOW is still one of the best projects to invest. The project is expected to have a high number of users due to its ease of use.

CHANGENOW works by idealizing security as a goal and undergoing various penetration tests

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