Since the advent of bitcoin in 2009, the ledger chain world has began to thrive. However, due to it low speed and some other difficulties faced by the clients while utilizing the establishment, the second generation of ledger chain came to existence which is ethereum. Moreover, the need for some certain requirements are not fully captured in the operations of the system and that leads to the invention of EOS network which stands as the third generational network.
After all these adventures, the true services that the users of the ledger chain desire are yet to be experienced. Therefore, Topnetwork is here has the next blockchain-revolution 4.0 which will bring satisfaction to all the desires of the ledger members. Now let's get to know the establishment.

About Topnetwork
The amiable platform is to provide a high throughput without needing to confirm permission on a public network. This network provided is wired with comprehensive app level that make the network qualify for the fourth generational blockchain revolution. With the network, there will be a business public-and-private chain network that can provide a more quality services for the enterprise.
Most of the emerging app are made with the enablement of the internet of a thing, therefore, they require chatting, bloging and the likes. But to establish such kind of service is known to be stressful and time taken. Therefore, most people always employ the service of experts to help them establish a better communication network and the the use of stack embedded with large range of bandwidth. However, Topnetwork will be a game changer, in that, the stress faced while trying to develop app will be reduced by the services provided by this network. This platform provides a service that can be compared to that of Amazon web service that is ledger chain base. This setup already has full-stack cloud in stock that can power any kind of communication service. Therefore, you don't want to miss this kinds of services. All you need to do is to invest.

The other mind-blowing services provided are as follows;instant messaging,voice/video,VoIP,VPN, streaming/CDN & IoT-data sharing. This adventure offer a different kinds of cloud-service that differs from the charges provided by other existing setups. The quality provided are also varies from one platform to another. Therefore,topnetwork has also provide a dapps marketplace that will help the members to purchase any kinds of services they desire as they press to create their own dapps.

Despite the large voice against the existence of the ledger chain. It still a crystal clear that the ledger chain is still what can make our world a more better place. This sentence can be justified from the operations that Topnetwork came to implement. Therefore, I urge everyone to invest ans enjoy it services. Cheers.

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