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Hello, people! Today I’ll tell you our story of receiving a mortgage loan. Also, this story is about how much easier the things could have been if we had known about the Viva Network a year ago.
If you ever dealt with a bank, you know that they usually ask you to provide them with all the possible papers up to your X-ray (kidding). Then you sign the contract with your own blood and for the next decade or so you become the bank’s slave. This whole thing may sound too exaggeratedly, but not for those who ever tried to receive a mortgage loan. Some paper is always missing, another is outdated and your insurance is usually not good enough.
Having passed all these circles of hell, you don’t feel happy or whatever. You are just too exhausted to feel anything.

While I had been collecting numerous official papers last year, the Viva Network Platform had been being developed. This service makes it possible to take a mortgage loan from a number of individuals all over the world with minimum data disclosure. “How so?” - you’ll ask.
And I’ll answer: “Easily!”. The blockchain technology and Ethereum Framework’s Smart Contracts, in particular, allow making immutable electronic contracts between two (or more) individuals. For young families dreaming of a new house, the Viva Platform is a godsend! I know what I’m talking about.

All you need to do is to apply to the platform for a loan. Then your creditworthiness will be evaluated by the internal means of the platform. After that, you will be notified about the maximum amount you can receive. As soon as you decide on the final amount, your mortgage will be placed in the Viva Network and that’s it! All you have to do is wait until your loan is crowdfunded by the investors all over the world.
the Viva Network has been going through the funding stage of development now. I’m sure that such a project will have a great commercial success as soon as it enters the market. Lots of people use it in order to reduce interest on mortgage loans and simplify the whole procedure.
If the project caught your attention, visit the official website
You can find more information in the Whitepaper
and in the Blog
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