Zero Carbon Project (part 2) – the Idea Worth of being Heard

I wrote an article about a project called Zero Carbon. In the article, I spoke about the global problems this project aims to solve. I think that the climate changes we all face to today are speaking for themselves: arctic ices go on melting and as a result, there becomes much more water and ocean streams change their temperature and direction. The climate is slowly changing.

I think that people must use all the latest technologies in order to save (or at least slow down destroying) the planet we all live on. This is why I’m always so excited to read and then speak about the blockchain-based projects which aim to save our ecology.

Zero Carbon’s developers were inspired by the Ethereum Smart Contracts. So the Energis token is based on the Ethereum platform, and any contract made between an energy supplier and a customer within Zero Carbon Market will be a Smart Contract.

The project’s team intends to reward Zero Carbon customers by paying them up to 70% of the transaction fees paid by energy suppliers. Although the value of the token will increase step by step (as soon as new energy customers join the project), the team will leave just 30% of all the transaction fees for themselves. As for me, it is the best evidence of their noble intention to stop malicious climate change all over the world.

The team is working hard on the project, they have a number of energy suppliers registered to the marketplace which is now being under development. Moreover, there are also numerous customers who are eager to switch to Zero Carbon. Smart Contract development will finish by the mid-autumn 2018. After that Zero Carbon will be growing and expanding its service all over the world.

I’m sure that Zero Carbon is worth receiving as much attention to as possible.

For anyone interested, the official website is:

Official Telegram Group:

Bitcointalk ANN Thread:

Bitcointalk bounty thread:

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