Zero Carbon Project – Tackle Global Warming Today

Even though millions of people all over the world are worried about the current ecological situation, they go on consuming fossil fuels for powering their cars and for receiving electricity. Sounds like a nonsense, isn’t it? The problem is that any other sources of energy like rooftop solar panels, electric vehicles or renewable energy are unaffordable for most of the people. Any existing source of green electricity is extremely expensive and people haven’t yet found a way to make it cheaper.

One of the most dangerous chemicals for our planet is carbon dioxide. High concentration of this gas in the atmosphere of our planet is the main reason for global warming. The higher it is – the stronger the greenhouse effect is.

Scientists are now trying to find the way to make green energy cheaper so that it could be adopted by people all over the world. This process is going to take at least a couple of years and all this time we will go on killing our planet by using fossil fuels.

Zero Carbon Project is a blockchain-based solution which can solve this problem immediately. The main idea of the project is to give people affordable green energy today by leveraging international carbon credits.

Zero Carbon Market is a marketplace where energy suppliers will offer contracts for customers (both individuals and legal entities). As the competition between carbon suppliers is very high today, the marketplace is going to be a so-called reverse auction where the price goes down after every new bid is placed.

The consumers who switch to Zero Carbon Project will be rewarded with Energis tokens. Zero Carbon Market will receive fees for using the platform in these tokens as well. Carbon suppliers will benefit from receiving new customers.

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