The XYO Network Project

XYO Network is a robust, evidence-based network based on blockchain technology that eliminates the need for centralized location data collection. The XYO network will allow you to find any object or individual object through many device classes and protocols. To do this, the XYO team uses "Proof of Origin" and "Bound Witness" to combine the decentralized world of the blockchain with our real data into one new network. The XYO Network project is already available and ready for business. They have a working operating infrastructure of 1,000,000 beacons, which are one of the world's largest Bluetooth and GPS networks, but this is just the beginning for this project.

XYO Network - Crypto-location Oracle Network

Over the past few decades, mankind has made great strides in science and technology in all spheres of life. There are many new opportunities for all of us, and because of this, the way we live is changing. Now we have access to knowledge from all human history in our hands the connection is fast, affordable and almost free, the opportunity to learn new information through the Internet. The technology around us saves our time and leaves more free time for us to spend the way we like. Many projects launched on blockchain technology create a new reality in which we do not need to depend on the central authority that controls and has an understanding of our life. Thanks to blockchain technology, a new era of progress here, we can call it a decentralized revolution. One of the most important projects and leaders of the decentralized revolution is getting the location data from the hands of the central authorities and making us independent.

The XYO Network team has created a decentralized, updated GPS system that is safer to use and less vulnerable to any unwanted interference from third parties. Creating something of this scale and importance is a great achievement, and the possible business applications for the XYO project are numerous. To obtain additional information on possible uses, XYO provided detailed explanations and documentation in all major areas. For example: e-commerce, medical services and hospitals, rental car agencies, commercial airlines, insurance agencies, national security agencies, various delivery systems and much more. More details about the project XYO Network can be found in their technical document -

XYO Network :: Team


On March 20, 2018, the initial sale of XYO tokens started, which will last until May 20, 2018. With each new deposit, the price of the token increases. The maximum level of fees is set at $ 48 million. Deposits are accepted in the ETP crypto currency.

Join the sale of XYO Network tokens -

Good luck!

More about the XYO Network project see below:

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