Neironix - the first international rating agency of the assessment of investment risks in the blockchain economy

In the field of investment, besides profit, risk is always existing parallel but any investor needs to identify and consider before making a decision. It can be said that the greater the profitability of an investment, the higher its level of risk. Corresponding to different forms of investment, there are different types of risk. We can minimize the damage caused by the risk through the assessment of risk and the relevant strategic plan. In the real-world economy, there are many companies evaluating and rating investment risk, and in blockchain economy, we have Neironix.

What is Neironix?

Neironix can be considered as the world’s first independent international rating agency evaluating and rating investment risk in blockchain economy. Its platform is based on algorithms, neuron networks, and multi-dimensional analysis of large bulk of data to analyze and rate the level of risk of projects.

How does Neironix work?

By evaluating at least 75 key dynamic risk factors, Neironix provides investors the objective risk analysis of the projects. All information, reviews and analysis are displayed in a simple and easy-to-follow so investors can easily identify the potential risks of the project. Neironix uses a 100-point rating scale to rank the risk, corresponding to 0 as the highest risk and 100 as the most reliable.

Advantages of Neironix

Existing product: Neironix is a crystalline product of the members' enthusiasm, its data collected and recorded from more than 4,000 projects for several years. The project is well invested with over $ 1.4 million by their own.

Outstanding team: Neironix gathers the members being experts in multiple fields as investing management, financial management, risk management, information technology development, etc. with many year’ experience.

Unique system: Neironix is equipped with a machine-learning neural network and continuous accumulation of databases to improve the accuracy of evaluations, even level of accuracy is increasingly higher. In addition, Neironix continually updates project information to investors and notifies them of any changes occurring thus they can promptly make the decisions. This will protect the interests of investors using the Neironix platform.

Neironix Token – NRX

NRX is issued to serve for fundraising and payment in platform. Project owners, including ICO owners, have to use NRX as a means of payment for listing and marketing services in Neironix platform.

ICO details

Total supply 140,000,000 NRX
For sale 93,100,000 NRX
Price in ICO 0.5 USD
Time Bonus
From September 1 to 30 35%
From October 1 to 31 15%
From November 1 to 30 5%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD (already reached)
Hard cap 31,000,000 USD

Neironix team

Social media channels:

Website | ICO website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Bitcointalk

Probably, this is a platform expecting in this situation when there are a lot of scam and high risk ICOs launcing. With these unique features of Neironix platform, I think amount of user will grow increasingly. With Neironix's active contribution into the blockchain economy, I believe it will be supported by a large number of crypto lovers.

Disclaimer: This is just a review. No investment advice is given.
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