USAVE - reinventing entire gold supply chain by blockchain-based ecosystem


Gold - a rare metal that has appeared and existed in human history for so long as a currency used to trade goods. To this day, gold is used as a precious material in the electronics industry because of its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. While the demand for gold is increasing, the value of gold has also increased sharply. Between 1976 and 1980, the price of gold rose by 800%. Since 2003, the gold price has been rising steadily and is predicted to continue to increase in the coming years. Gold has become the focus of many individuals, businesses and organizations.

The gold market has been a hot spot for many investors. They focus on exchanging gold, but few ones know how to get those pieces of gold that have gone through what processes to produce it, from where, by how, by who, then how to refine to gold, where they were transferred, they do not know completely. These matters sound like not important but it leads to many problems which possibly damage the life of people, environment and economy of countries:

  1. Due to the economic crisis and other objective causes, there are many people are working in illegal mining pools, in which they have to work in unsafe conditions as well as come in contact with toxic chemicals. In addition, miners are usually treated unfair and unprotected because of the legit of their work.
  2. The inability to trace the origins of gold affects the person who owns them. The use of unspecified gold can harm their credibility with business partners. Besides that, some people focus on whether gold is producing in eco-friendly processes or not.
  3. The unknown-source gold also adversely affects the worthy benefits of those countries that own these gold. Minerals of the country are exploited and exported abroad but they do not receive profits from it. It drains their money and resource.

USAVE solution

USAVE project aims to reinvent entire gold supply chain and create a new ecosystem for gold community, which is sustainable, transparent, traceable, and eco-responsible. USAVE stands for Supply chain - Aurum Monaco – Vault – Exchange. It also represents for 4 main sectors USAVE focusing.

Supply chain

The i5upply Solution will play a main role in this sector. Ecosystem’s participants, including miners, will be equipped the unique identification numbers (“i5ID”) and Radio-frequency identification (“RFID”) chips to collect all information of their products. I5ID and RFID will record whole information about origin source of ore, extracting by which companies, license of these companies, the compliance of the sale and the transaction of payment. In addition, i5upply solution also helps miners to determine and authenticate their products in order to it is able to export to the refinery. Finally, the profits will be paid back to miners in transparency and fairness. Due to the transparent transaction, governments will effortlessly capture revenue to gain tax as well.

Aurum Monaco

Aurum Monaco is the most modern gold refinery with the cutting-edge technology and machinery. Aurum Monaco Refinery offer the high quality gold which meets the standard of ethics and eco-responsibility by its zero-discharge system. The zero-discharge system is operated to eliminate discharges to the environment, recycle and reuse the solid and liquid wastes from production process [1]. In addition, Aurum Monaco removed the hazardous chemicals from process thanks to the latest gold electrolytic refining processes [2].
In USAVE ecosystem, Aurum Monaco has responsibility to purchase the eco-friendly gold ore from the i5upply solution-compliant miners to refine then provide the high end gold to USAVE community. Especially, each bullion will be print the code to be traceable and this code will be stored in the blockchain ledger.


By many years’ experience business in gold industry, USAVE chose Monaco, the safest city in the world, to place the USAVE storage vault. Brink’s, USAVE’ partner, will address the issues of audit, transportation and security of gold from Aurum Monaco Refinery to USAVE vault. This vault is utilized to not only preserve the USAVE eco-friendly gold but also place the cold storage wallets for crypto asset’s USAVE clients. Thereby, both physical gold and crypto assets will be assured to keep away from stealth and hacking. In addition, USAVE vault is independent from banking system thus the gold will never be used for other purposes, synonymously with the assurance of high liquidity and traceability of gold.


The Monaco Gold Exchange (MGX) will be built as a gathering spot for eco-responsible gold in wide world, of course, including USAVE ecosystem’s gold. In the first step, MGX will allow clients convert between cryptocurrencies and physical gold. The purchased gold will be kept in USAVE vault or transported to client’s vault. Next step in near future, MGX will make a partnership with the existing derivatives exchange to implement the comprehensive gold marketplace in USAVE ecosystem.

USAVE token

USAVE token is the main means of payment in entire ecosystem. All payment will be tokenized and conducted through smart contract. Basing on collected data from each block of supply chain, smart contract calculates amount of tokens to pay to each entity with the transparency, accuracy and quick. Besides that, USAVE token also is a means of payment in MGX, customers are able to purchase USAVE token anytime but they have to assess the gold liquidity risks earlier because the physical gold liquidity is based on amount of gold stored in MGX.

Token sale

Pre-Sale: September 27, 2018 to December 2, 2018
Price: 1 USAVE = 0,895 € - 1000€ = 1117 USAVE i.e. 5% bonus
Public Sale: December 3, 2018 to January 31, 2019 (maybe extended)
Price: 1 USAVE = 0,94 € - 1000€ = 1064 USAVE
Soft Cap: € 5,000,000
Hard Cap: € 130,000,000
Total Supply: 200 000 000 SAVE Tokens
Tokens for Sale: 151 000 000 SAVE Tokens (75,5%)
• Advisors: 6 months
• Founders: 2 years with a linear vesting every 6 months.
The team information and roadmap, please refer in website.

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Disclaimer: This is just a review. No investment advice is given.
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