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Casper API | Decentralized storage of information (Overview ICO)

Nowadays, information stores are virtualized thanks to the progress of digital technologies. Many people already use cloud storage, and decentralized applications, known as DApps, began to develop with the emergence of the principle of blokchain. But such programs are usually expensive, and this happens at a average level of security of the stored data. is with an average level of security of the stored data. The Casper APIsystem is developed to solve such problems.


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This infrastructure allows any DApp, on any blockchain with support for smart contracts, to form decentralized information storage of its own service as soon as possible and at minimal cost.


Casper offers a system of distributed repositories for any information valuable to the user: text, media and other files. The services of the company are fundamentally different from the offers of existing similar services. It has no shortcomings of a centralized server or a specific entry point (DNS) for tuning targeting. Their project works on a smart contract, since user requests are carried out automatically.

The new infrastructure helps DApp on various blokchain-platforms using smart contract address storage, contribute the development of the blokchain industry instead of building a cloud storage.

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A decentralized program requires free space from a smart contract to host data. A smart contract sends the server address to download content. The Casper API structure creates duplicate files on three additional servers, when it is loading, so that 4 samples are obtained in total. Further, this number of replicas is constantly maintained. If one of the servers disappeared from the network, a new one replicating from the three available repositories is replaced. Programmers decide the need for encryption of information in accordance with the content. Casper API saves 4 copies of a file that is encrypted or available for viewing.


CST (Casper token) is the local currency at this site. Holders of this currency can act as resource providers themselves, sell this currency by the market price on the exchange freely, and also to lease tokens to suppliers, receiving a part of the profit for the turnover of the tokens. The rent ensures the safekeeping of financial attractiveness Rental maintains the financial attractiveness for purchase tokens even at a great price.

Service providers on the platform are individual users or companies that provide space on their own PCs or servers to Casper API clients. They are rewarded with CST tokens.

The first customers of the infrastructure will be the creators of DApp. Any classic business representatives who wants to store information in a decentralized manner will also be able to take advantage of Casper API services.

Service Benefits

  • There is no limit to the size of file that is placed on the system.
  • The risks caused by limitations of the architecture of any system are removed. The project is ready to cooperate with any platform that has a smart contract. Now these are Ethereum, Neo and Graphen, but if there will be new blokchain, the company will be able to start working with them.
  • Casper uses the popular technology Peer-to-peer, which helps to increase the speed of information transfer significantly.
  • Thanks to the use of the Go programming language, the possibility of infecting the provider's computer is minimal, if there is a virus in the downloaded file.



Name of the token: Casper Token
Type of the token: ERC20
Token symbol: CST
Released tokens: 440,000,000
Pre-ICO: 13,000,000
Pre-Sale: 183,333,333
Crowd-sale: 61,000,000







The infrastructure of decentralized information storage on the blockchayn will lead the company to success definitely. The company has already passed a long way. The developers are planning to release an alpha version of the Casper API in November this year. And release of the public version is scheduled in May next year. The project scale is huge, it takes time to implement them, but as soon as this time will come, such dinosaurs as Google-disk and so forth will go down in history, and their place will be solemnly occupied by the Casper API. If you are interested in this project like me, I suggest you read it in detail by clicking on the links at the end of the article.




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