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INTRODUCING is a Platform that focuses on social media and uses the renewable and sustainable Blockchain technology as its development base. provides incentives for users, to every activity and popularity they get from the Platform. Users will get incentives in the form of tokens that can be redeemed in the market that has been provided or other. Furthermore, will give users 50% of ad revenue, which will basically increase incentive levels for users. builds an online network, where users will truly experience the benefits and experience better than social media.
Getting Started Development

Team from developed this by using a system that is directly integrated and renewable, using Blockchain technology as its development base. Allabout.meCreate a revolutionary and completely new online network, by placing users as the most important part of the Platform. Any user-initiated activity will fully use Bitcoin and ME tokens as a means of payment from this Platform. does not require any additional actions, instead gives incentives to users, so time or data released by users is not in vain. Also provides a feature where, the user can directly sell and purchase goods between users or use 'showcase' which has been provided quickly and easily. Using the marketing system and introducing the Platform using a creative marketing system and using other social media. Create users as an advertising medium, where each customer becomes an audience for advertisers, but users can also manage this feature whether they are willing to be advertising media or not, and if they are pleased, will give 50% advertising revenue for them.

About Blockchain

Blockchain technology allows for time-tested, data, and attention. The current protocol aligns the interests of all stakeholders in the media consumption cycle to create a network effect that encourages adoption. By creating new exchange media, Consumers get more choices about how they pay for media; Creators and Receivers get new forms of compensation, and Advertisers get more transparent accounting and audience information. The protocol interacts with the current platinum in addition to other host media networks. It introduces new revenue streams and inefficient mechanisms for host networks that provide the ability to scale effectively. Over time, donors will utilize the identity profile created for future blockchain-based systems. Using blockchain for all our transactions will lower operating costs, increase transaction speed, create transparent and fair markets open, democratize value distribution and narrow down relationships between advertisers, network providers and customers.
In Conclusion believes that with a solid and reliable team and system can provide Users, a secure and strong Social Media Platform, and provide Users with diverse benefits and conveniences that can enhance their experience in using digital content. The team also believes that with systematic and professional development, Team can build a better platform than similar platforms.

With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name "Me Token", here is the data.




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