BitNation ICO Review — Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation
Have you ever imagined a border-free world? Would you believe if I say that it’s possible through blockchain technology? After writing so many articles on new cryptocurrencies, have I finally gone all blockchain in my head? Keep reading to find out more!

Bitnation is a platform based on blockchain technology that enables you to become a “world citizen”. It describes itself as a “holacratic organization” — Aiming to become a fully functional decentralized organization, anyone can join this platform and create a Holon — a team. And they will get benefitted from the BitNation community.

Launched in 2014, this has attracted thousands of users around the world. BitNation’s embassies and consulates are also located worldwide including the embassy located in a castle in Germany.

Wait…How does this work?
In order to understand how BitNation works, you need to know the four major parties of BitNation

• World citizen — Anyone can become a world citizen and participate in Bitnation.

• Ally — When you team up with someone in the BitNation network, you have access to the communities, chat room and other things.

• Embassies and consulates — Embassies and consulates are similar to physical locations where members of BitNation network, meet and interact. Embassies are places where you live and work, while consultants are places where you live.

• Ambassador — Trained individuals, involved in the Bitnation DAO. There are three types of ambassadors including Diplomatic ambassadors, Diplomatic consuls, and Goodwill Ambassadors.

Through these four parties, BitNation strives to solve disputes through a smartphone app. You can choose a code of law or create your own. You can choose arbitrators who assist in resolving disputes. Hence it provides the functionality required for escaping the redundant policies of goverments.

So what’s so special about BitNation?
• It provides a platform for a variety of governance services for users including chatbots and decentralized services.

• Holds a unique directory of citizen’s details.

• Ensures peer-to-peer contracts with ample amount of security.

• Allows the users to create their own nation.

• Provides a variety of citizenship benefits.

• The tokens of BitNation are referred to as Pangea Arbitration tokens. These tokens are used to give rewards.

Use Cases
Business agreements
Consider a freelancer in one country who has accepted to work on a website. Let us assume the client is in another country and there has been no agreements till now. BitNation provides an easy way to make such arrangements and also solve any disputes that may arise between the client and the freelancer, through a simple application.

The market for freelance arbitrators
Anyone can offer to be an arbitrator and offer services. You could either be a lawyer solving complex cases or a motor dealer offering your services in a second-hand sale. Each arbitrator is free to set their own fee and code of law under which they operate.

What does the future look like?

Bitnation establishes a new era of discovery and opportunity among those who believe in a borderless world and citizens are free to wander between nations that suit them the best.

BitNation has an ambitious plan which when implemented in a full-fledged way could change the entire system of governance. Although the structure of the nation hasn’t been changed much since the 20th century, let’s wait and see how BitNation could change the world in the near future!

Other Details
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Author : Maniecool
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