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ConnectJob simplifies daily life by helping you to accomplish all of your daily needs efficiently. Based on sharing and selling resources, ConnectJob is here to lighten your load. Whether it’s your daily chores, shopping, maintenance or leasure, you can easily find a suited worker for your tasks.

You can offer a job or request any service you need, anywhere, anytime!

Using the app, jobbers can offer services in their location and connect with anyone who requires their help. Affordable professional assistance can be at your door in no time.

ConnectJob allows professional workers to register for jobs and helps to link with anyone requesting a service.

How Connect Job Works?
ConnectJob believes that with people helping each other, the world will be a better place. In just a few clicks, you can have it all within reach and save money along the way. Register as a jobber or service seeker and connect instantly. Happy service provider, happy customers!
ConnectJob ICO

After successful testing in Eastern Europe, ConnectJob is ready to introduce its innovative technologies, which are now ready for launch in the major cities of the world. Ecosystem ConnectJob works using ConnectJob (CJT) tokens ERC20. These multi-purpose tokens are offered to pioneers and investors for unprecedented access to bonuses and discounts. During the preliminary sale, which will begin on 01.12.2017, participants will be able to purchase CJT using Bitcoin, Ether or regular currency. The sale is closed on 11/02/2018.

2,400 CJT = 1 ETH

From February 12th, 2018

to April 30th, 2018

Coin distribution:

132 M Tokens


Week 1 and 2 : 12%

Week 3 and 4 : 9%

Week 5 and 6 : 6%

Week 7 and 8 : 3%

Week 9 and 10 : 2%

Visit the website for more information.

About The Team

Jonathan Gueron (Co-founders) Connect job, professional Software engineer, Manager, with many years of industrial experience

Yoni Assouline, (Co-founders), software developer

Gueron Tech engineer and Blockchain Expert



Bringing the transparent and quality revolution in the kind of services being offered by the platform, it aims to redefine the relationship between people and the service providers. The market size for the freelance and micro jobbing is estimated to be 100 billion dollars. I think that it is the right time to look at the industry and decide what kind of service we really want.

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