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Giftcoin is a platform that completely changes the way others give. It will be a new environment, where a person committed to charity trusts that their funds will be where they are really needed. Because of the trust that a project like this will place in anyone interested in making donations through the use of Blockchain technology, it is more likely that more and more people will join these altruistic campaigns. This technology will make the platform virtually inviolable as it will be designed to eliminate any possibility of misuse or betrayal of goodwill.

Giftcoin is designed to perform transactions between donors and recipients without the intervention of third parties, where it ensures that the transaction is secret and reaches the recipient in its entirety. Smart contracts will replace one of the main problems with existing donor funding, linking good Samaritans without paying the service and operating costs of organizations that manually campaign. Trust in the donation work system will be restored by making the system more accessible to the general public and allowing more people to participate.

Giftcoin establishes a mechanism based on trust and transparency in the charity and donation system. In the classic world, you donate your money and ask for it to get to the right place, but with Giftcoin, you reach people in need safely, right in front of your plans.

In addition to the direct funding function, Giftcoin is also equipped with a project funding function, which allows donors to set goals and milestones for the project, allowing individuals to aim for the benefit of the community rather than individual generosity; i.e. donors who make donations for the completion of projects of some kind and for some reason this project is not given will be refunded their contribution to donors, so that they can

How it will work

First you need to accumulate tokens, which will be generated on the basis of this platform. This can be done with the help of purchases, during which the amount of the account due to service will be rounded off. In the process of how the user's wallet will accumulate funds, you can spend them on donations by selecting the target for which you want to spend your chips. The platform's functionality will then show the wallet owner where, how much and for what purposes the charitable contributions were spent.
Sales Detail

Token: GIFT

Cap Soft: 2500000000 token ($2.5 million)

Hard Cover: 100,000,000 tokens ($10.0 million)

Total Amount Offered: 1000 million chips ($100.0 million)

Currency Accepted: Etereum , Bitcoin

Minimum purchase: 0,25 ETH Price: 1 ETH = 10000 GIFT

Sales Starting Date: March 20, 2018

Discount Bonus Scheme

Pre-sale 50%

First 24 hours 25% of the time

The first week 15%

Second week of 5%

Advanced white list bonus coupon for general sale 10% discount

Use of proceeds

47 % Technology development

29% Public relations, marketing and sales

5 % General expenses7 % Administration

12 % Legal and accounting

Road Map

Tue 2018

  1. First Token event

We are preparing for a great day in which we will participate in our cause. Giftcoin will begin selling on March 20, 2018, at 9:30 EDT. We hope we can join us! July 2018

  1. Launch of MVP

Our MVP met all the basic requirements for the platform to fulfil its purpose. We hope to have the first group of charities to choose from and a fully operational currency. September 2018

  1. Launch of the Beta version

We plan to start selling Giftcoin tokens, with a fully functional product.

October 2018

  1. Final product deployment

The full deployment of all Giftcoin weapons is planned as THE charitable and good cause coin. It's time to change the world!


Alex Howard

Tim Bichara

Jonathan Beddoes

Chris Cain

I Evans


Jon Duschinsky

Lady Astor of Hever

Shirley Conran OBE

Marc Avedissian

Calum McWhir

Eitan Jankelewitz

Lee Davy-Martin

John Ndege Jonas Karlberg

Bridget Greenwood


Mark Hirschfield

Jonathan Oakley

Kristopher B. Jones

Simon Squibb

PSG Capital

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