GlobeX SCI

Globex SCI is a platform for the exchange of scientific literature, research results and experiments with the possibility of monetary compensation to authors based on the rating and the number of downloads. In our information world, many scientists may never know what their colleagues are working on and what results. Our goal is to establish a link between scientists, creating a platform for knowledge sharing. We believe that strength in unity and collective knowledge, this will lead to all new discoveries. By gaining access to the platform, the user will be able to read all publications and receive payment for their articles, all content will be protected using cryptography. The target audience of the project are authors of articles, scientific journals, scientists, representatives of universities and research centers.

A survey was conducted among the target audience to identify the problems they faced. It turned out that the main problem is getting and sharing knowledge. Users value quality content, for which they are willing to pay. The problem with the lack of information is especially relevant for Russian scientists, the lack of funds, as well as the lack of translation of even open materials into Russian.

Ecosystem Globex Sci will solve all these problems. The platform will acquire subscriptions to leading publications and will disseminate information to its users. Editions will receive deductions for referring to their articles posted on our platform. If author's articles are downloaded, the author will receive a fee depending on the number of downloads. The GSI Token has a speculative potential, it will grow along with the demand for a large amount of scientific materials on the platform. Constant updating of the current information will lead to an active growth of users and a positive dynamics of the value of the token.

Pre-ICO: 07.02-07.03.2018

ICO: 17.03-17.04.2018

Token: GSI

Minimum Target: 3000 ETH

The ultimate goal: 60000 ETH

Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH

Token distribution:

5% - PreICO

93% - ICO

2% bounty

Bounty campaign:

50% - signatures

30% - social networks

20% - transfers


Author : Maniecool
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