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Hi Friends Let me introduce you to a new project. kindly spare me 1 minute to go through my write up about the project. Thanks

ImmVRse will be the first decentralized and distributed digital video platform that will allow content creators, brands and advertisers around the world to collaborate and produce the best of what Virtual Reality has to offer. The platform will employ its own unique digital currency aptly known as ImmVRse token, which will be form of payment between all parties within the ecosystem. Using cryptographic signatures, the application will be able to mirror file locations and record transactions across multiple nodes to ensure data and transactional records within the blockchain cannot be altered retroactively. ImmVRse will focus primarily on VR/AR/Mixed reality and is easily scalable to embrace other forms of media production such as, 3D animation. Currently, there is no other platform providing the ability to showcase VR content and allowing direct employment as a result.

We strongly believe that Virtual Reality will play a significant part in our lives during the next decade. This will come in many different forms and affect a wide range of business segments. Already, we are seeing huge transformations in the medical, gaming, manufacturing and educational sectors where substantial investments have been made in both hardware and software. The demand for specific and quality content unlocks opportunities for creative, collaborative and contribution of VR production, thus gradually revolutionising the virtual reality industry as a whole.

We are confident that blockchain will provide the chance to create a more secure and transparent platform for a new generation of VR content creators, permitting them to showcase their work to a global reach of businesses, from start-ups all the way up to big corporations. Smart contracts in conjunction with cryptocurrency will inevitably improve upon the current payment methods by adding the missing layer of trust and drive real values for all members of the Eco-system.

Our long-term vision is to become one of the largest decentralised creative platforms; a self-sustaining and autonomous network that utilises a personalised cryptocurrency as a tradable commodity.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the umbrella term for all immersive experiences created using real-world content, purely artificial content or a hybrid of both. Within this, there are 4 core types:

360° Video

Computer Generated VR (CGVR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Mixed Reality (AR)

The increasing popularity of virtual reality has now created a high demand for more 360-degree videos.

Here are some of the industries that are utilising VR in some capacity:





Films and Videos
VR technology is rapidly transforming how business is conducted and is due to become the next biggest platform in consumer technology. The momentous leap towards the future will revolutionize the art of interacting with the world around us. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung are just a few of the companies that have manufactured VR headsets and are striving for continuously improving quality, which can be seen by the huge investments in research and development by major global corporations.

Virtual reality content research organisation Superdata Research (2017) concludes that worldwide VR revenue will reach $28.3 billion, with an indication that the growth will start picking up by 2019. VR consumer software and services sales will further fuel this growth by $16.2 billion.
As the demand for virtual reality and head mounted display surges, the subsequent demand for content will also increase. This is where ImmVRse steps in as the platform will help sustain the growth of VR content development in marketing, entertainment and media industries. The content creators in ImmVRse will offer an array of VR content types, such as entertainment videos, VR vlogs, corporate introductions, VR music videos etc.

Multiple platforms have VR support including YouTube and Facebook, however, there are not enough content creators on any one platform. Current media sharing platforms are dominated by 180/2D video content with only a few top tier influencers being compensated well. Unfortunately expensive cameras are discouraging the new generation of content producers, thereby reducing the volume available for viewers. In addition, the lack of copyright protection against the reproduction of content does little to encourage and stimulate growth in VR production. The end result favours only a handful of VR video and animation creators who are able to dominate the field.

Given the fact that the marketplace for traditional video producers are wholly saturated, it is very difficult to feed the growth of VR without more dedicated platforms. The current offerings are however flawed in many respects with most being centralised and with limitation of approval. That is, not all the content creators will be approved on the platform, a decision which is retained by the platforms themselves.




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Blockchain is at the forefront of a new digital revolution that has caught the world by storm. In essence, blockchain is a decentralised network and digital ledger for transactions, which can be programmed to store all types of valuable data and also has no single point of failure.

ImmVRse will be powered by a web infrastructure built on the foundation of blockchain called Ethereum. This is a platform that allows smart contracts to be distributed as well as decentralised applications to be developed and run without the influence of a central arbitrator, downtime, fraud or any external interference.

ImmVRse will not only provide a common platform for general viewers, advertisers and
businesses, but also a community where members can interact, help and inspire each other to create
some of the best VR content available online. By using the power of a decentralised network, we will
create an efficient and self-sustaining ecosystem for our members.

Control and the power of sharing will be shifted towards the community to remove centralised decision making and removing third party or middlemen from the workflow. ImmVRse will not act as a mediator or intermediary. Every job will use the functions of smart contracts, the parameters of which will be set by the users on both sides, e.g. brands and the content creators.

Payment is one of the biggest problems that blockchain will solve via this application. Firstly, there are no high transaction fees, requirement for bank accounts or any other restrictions for users. Using ImmVRse tokens, it will take seconds to send and receive payments anywhere around the world without paying a high processing fee to a bank or a third party money transfer.

ImmVRse will allow creators to attract lucrative contracts from employers, as well as creating customised content for companies and high profile global brands.

The ImmVRse token launch, where approximately 100 million tokens are planned to be distributed, will officially commence on Q1 2018. The token generation will cease 6 to 8 weeks from the launch of the ICO.

ImmVRse will offer up to 33.33%, 100,000,000 of the company’s total circulation supply - 300,000,000 tokens**

Each ImmVRse token will cost $0.20

Participants will be able to purchase the tokens with Ether and store the tokens via their MyEtherWallet address

The price of ImmVRse token will remain steady throughout the token generation period

Participants in Pre-ICO will be eligible for bonus of 20%

Early contributors of ImmVRse tokens will receive additional bonus of up to 10%

The token launch will take place with target funding and cap of $20,000,000

“From the funds raised in the ICO, we will invest a significant amount into R&D for ImmVRse. R&D will assist in designing a stronger foundation for our token and the ultra-modern road that we are paving right now. As a startup that utilizes cutting-edge tecdbreaking ImmVRse Decentralised Engine; followed by the systematic integration of blockchain, and powering artificial intelligence. This will eventually create a incredibly influential self-sustaining ecosystem in the future”. Farabi, Co-Founder & CEO, ImmVRse

Meet the team

Check out their website For more information and please guys you need to go through their whitepaper, it's amazing






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