Inflation has made the world forget about the GOLDEN AGE. We do not seem to understand why $100 in the year 2001 can not afford what it could, this year. Yet, wages and salaries are not increased while death rate increases in war, crime and diseases just to mention a few because we can not afford our future.


ValueCash as a cryptocurrency is designed with the concept of the PoT Protocol which empowers people to earn while they spend. With this, people will be encouraged to work harder and smarter. People will have more spending money and greater freedom of choice will take its shape among mankind.


There is nothing more important than comprehending the brimming possibilities of the Blockchain Technology, widespread access to the Commerce Sector. Full participation in the Crypto-Economy to drive a new era of Commerce, Rewards, Development and Productivity.


We are building a Blockchain and Commerce Ecosystem in a different dimension and we want our community to be part of it as our token Holders and Validators. As much as we believe in the democratization of digital transaction, we also believe in returning power back into the hands of the community.

With Zero exchange expense, ValueCash is the Cryptocurrency that rewards your profit and spendings utilizing the “PoT Protocol.”The VALUECASH group will utilize Decentralized Ledger Technology to rebuild and democratize the Brick and Click

Market, the Escrow Market and the Exchange Market by wiping out incertitude and dangers, with its “PoT Protocol — Proof of Trade”.Our Mission is to give the group immediate and simple access to rebates and rewards openings in the Sectors specified previously. The VALUECASH biological system depends on the idea of “The Proof of Trade”, which uses the aggregate Validation of Traders instead of that of Individual Miner. The VALUECASH is an idea of cryptography through the Blockchain Technology, a trad-able coin with the multipurpose of conceding token holders, right presentation and selective access to the VALUECASH biological system.

The XVL token is completely incorporated with investment in all segments of the biological system, which will be done solely with XVL tokens. In this manner the request and estimation of the token will develop in extent to the quantity of dynamic clients. Since the commencement of the cryptographic money advertise, the Total Market Capitalization has achieved more than $700 billion, which is around 1% the estimation of the Global Stock Market Capitalization, of about $77 trillion, as at 2017. As we presently witness a notable worldwide move t to Blockchain innovation, with a reasonable connection to patterns looking like the improvement of the Click and Brick Markets, we expect that the cryptographic money market will take after a comparative direction, however on a considerably quicker timescale, likely with exponential growth.

The VALUECASH environment is composed as a key segment of the developing crypto economy and a market driving impetus to change and decentralize the current business as usual of the Commerce Sector while additionally using its growth.VALUECASH’s interesting quality is our group’s capacity to empower one-of-its-kind Protocol, controlled by the specialized know-how of a built up industry, which consolidates the powerful idea of Commerce, Exchange, Escrow and The Blockchain Technology to make developmental esteem. We are bringing cutting edge money related programming stages to the market, which bolsters our vision and mission in regards to this creative and reformative venture.

What is Value Cash?
ValueCash is a Completely Decentralized and a Self — Governing Commerce, Exchange and Escrow Entity. With ValueCash, holders can make payment for goods and services while simultaneously creating new ValueCash through purchase and acceptance. The ValueCash Ecosystem is designed to contribute its Distinct Protocol as a key component of the growing Crypto-Economy and a market driving catalyst to reform the existing status quo of the Commerce, Exchange and Escrow Sector and the Blockchain Technology.ValueCash is an enhanced Cryptocurrency and Commodity, which can also be a Store of Value, it is designed to allow anyone, irrespective of technical ability easy access to the PoT Platform.

ValueCash is limited — Scarce in Supply, Decentralized, and Community Driven Cryptocurrency that allows anyone to earn substantial reward on Successful Trading Transaction. VALUECASH can be obtained through The PoT Protocol“Proof of Trade”, The POS “Proof of Stake”, and Buying. VALUECASH will be stored both online and offline in a cold storage. We have identified multiple enormous markets and we are creating amazing opportunities that will allow us to start penetrating those markets from day one of our token sale.

ValueCash Creation and Distribution

If a Buyer patronizes a Merchant of goods worth 100 XVL, 10% of the transaction Volume which is 10 XVL, will be created as new ValueCash, it will be distributed among the Buyer, Merchant, Affiliate and Blockchain Security and Project Development in the ratio 5:2:1:2 respectively and added to the current ValueCash supply.

This means that Buyers get 50% of the New Coin, Merchants get 20%,Affiliates get 10% while 20% goes to the Security of ValueCash BlockChain Network, Future Development and Marketing.

Architectural Design, Sales, Distribution and Halving

The value token of the ValueCash Blockchain is called ValueCash while ValueBit is the smallest unit of the ValueCash currency recorded on the Blockchain. It is one trillionth of a single ValueCash (0.000000000001 XVL or 1 XVL = 1 000 000 000 000 ValueBits).

The unit has been named to further corroborate the future growth of ValueCash because of its limited Maximum Supply of 18 000 000.All amounts of the ValueCash Blockchain are denominated in ValueBit before being converted for display.

The source code also uses ValueBit when specifying and displaying an extremely fine fraction of an amount of ValueCash, such as when making granular payments, calculating fee per byte or other rewards, the amount is displayed in ValueBit for readability.

ValueCash will be listed with the ticker XVL and traded on ValueCash Exchange and External Cryptocurrency Exchanges. ValueCash will be used to pay for transactions and other computational services on the ValueCash network and beyond. However, withZero transaction feeon any Transaction Volume, the implementation of the PoT Protocol and the Proof of Stake on the ValueCash Blockchain rather than proof of work is expected to help reduce inflation rate in the cryptocurrency community.

Meet the team

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