Cryptosolartech: Blockchain and Energy for a Better World

Guys, welcome to my blog! Today I want to talk about cryptocurrencies and how they can be obtained in a profitable way!

Many people know that 2017 was the year of digital money and its mining. as the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum exploded, other coins mined by the method of mining also grew in price. Such profitability forced more and more companies and people to do it, and sales of equipment for production increased several times.

After the growth of cryptocurrencies, the correction phase began in early 2018 and continues to this day. The profitability of mining has decreased, but the interest in it still remains.

If someone is not familiar with this operation, I will explain a little: "mining", denotes the process of calculations made by the computing device according to a certain algorithm, for which the owner of the equipment receives some, provided by the protocol of the crypto currency, a reward. 

Video abaut CryptoSolarTech 

CryptoSolarTech is a worldwide pioneer project whose main objective is to design, build, maintain and operate
(DBMO) several solar farms devoted to mine cryptoassets, for all profile of customers. The solar & miner
plants will be located in the South of Spain, taking advantage of the good weather in Spain, that allows obtaining
generous and plentiful photovoltaic energy that will be used for the start-up of this project. This farm will
initially be equipped with up to 3,000 miner machines.

With this amount of machines, do you know how fast you can mine? But more importantly, how much energy to run this platform everyday? The answer is same. With CryptsoSolarTech the system gonna find their own solution. It will be very fast and still be very cheap to mine. Power of the sun will bring us alive! or gonna kill us at the end :) But for now, we can use it to mine the cryptos. 

There are several ways to get cryptocurrency:

  • on special devices-manners;
  • on video cards;
  • by purchasing a mining contract from the cloud mining service.

The first two methods require significant investments in devices, large costs of electricity, cooling, depreciation. Given the high complexity of production, this method requires significant computing power, the purchase of which is not able to afford everyone. 

And the best solution is to use the services of large miners in the form of large companies with large farms and cheaper energy. This opportunity offers an ambitious and interesting project called Cryptosolartech.  

Tokens and the holding of ICO

For the most convenient and comfortable interaction within the framework of the platform, CST tokens will be used, with the help of which anyone can rent a part of the mining farm. In the end, everyone wins. The user will have a unique opportunity to earn coins with minimal costs, the developers of the project, thus, will be able to quickly popularize their tokens and scale your project.

I think you have already noticed that almost all new projects use the Ethereum standard (ERC-20) base in the development of their tokens. This project is no exception and in its development also used Ethereum technology (ERC-20). 

Everyone can buy CST tokens by taking a direct part in the Cryptosolartech ICO, which will take place in several stages and one of them has already started from 01.05.18 and will last until 20.07.18. The cost of 1 CST token at the time of the crowdsale will be 0.05 USD, but by the last stage of the ICO, the cost of 1 CST will be 0.07 USD. 

You can buy these tokens in any convenient way for you, using cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH) or Fiat (USD, EUR). At the current time the project has already reached SoftCap more than 980 000 Euro, and promptly goes to set HardCap 71 400 000 euros. 


Team Members will keep 20% of the total amount of the Token Sale and the prices will be awarded from 50%
discount to 0% discount as the token sale phases advance to the end of the Token Generating Event. T

he price
of each Cryptosolartech or CST is 0,07 €/token, and will be offer from 0.05 €/token to 0.10 €/token as the token
generating event advance to conclusion. Hence the initial rate depends on the day of acquisition. 


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