Cryptov8: ICO Review

The advent of blockchain has lead to a lot of development, most of which are new to the traditional ways of banking.
Crypto8 seeks to breach the gap between Cryptocurrency and the traditional banking system by applying the blockchain technology into establishing an authorized and regulated banking system that has a general appeal to all nations in the world.

From the inception of the idea of the blockchain, years ago. It has gradually over time being incorporated into aspects of the world economy. The blockchain technology is gradually bringing solutions to everyday problems by solving a single aspect of the fragments of life problem.

What are the problems that crypto8 intends to solve

With the number of people interested in joining the Cryptocurrency community increasing and the awareness/acceptance of Cryptocurrency the world, there is a need for the adoption of digital currency into real-world use.

Though the number Cryptocurrency is still growing and more exchange sites are been created, thus, making the crypto-market highly unregulated, risky and full of uncertainties.This, therefore, makes the life of a bounty hunter or an individual with tokens miserable.

Cryptov8 aims at providing the following features for the betterment of the crypto-world.

Cryptov8 primary objectives are to deal with most of the problems associated with the crypto-world by improving more services to the available 25 million existing crypto users and the projected 500 million members in the near future.

Cryptov8 Crypto Banking Blockchain Features

Unification Of Crypto Services
The banking platform will collaborate with relevant organizations in order to broaden the range of cryptocurrency and blockchain services it offers to its customers. It will also unify all the crypto related services under one platform.

The cryptocurrency market is highly unregulated, which makes it very risky for users. I,t is in this regard that Cryptov8 seeks to merge UK regulatory best practices and the crypto market. The regulations will protect customers from the uncertainties and risk of the cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, Cryptov8 will decentralize the money remittances, which is currently under the control of existing banks. This will be through offering customers access to the cryptocurrency market in a way that is easy, cheap or even free. It will improve the participation of customers in the cryptocurrency market by using tokens to reward their participation and by offering them discounts.

The platform will have a cryptocurrency wallet where users could track their balances. Users with fiat currencies could analyze their wealth accumulated from savings or investments in cryptocurrencies of fiat. The banking platform integrates a cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to trade, buy, or sell cryptocurrencies.

Education Material
Users can obtain guidance as to how they can enter the crypto market from the educative materials offered by the banking platform.According to the whitepaper, the Cryptov8 platform aims to improve the following areas of customer perception:

  • Convenience
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Reward
  • Acceptance
  • Education

Cryptov8 ICO details

The platform utility icon is the CRV8 token. Tokens are the accepted payment method for the services offered by the platform. A transaction using tokens attracts discounts and bonuses for tokens holders.

ICO of the Project
Time ICO: July 28, 2018 September 28, 2018
White/KYC: White + ZSK
Country: United Kingdom
Token information
Ticker: CRV8
Platform: Ethereum Token Type: ERC20 presale Price :
1 CRV8 = 0.0002089 ETH
The price of ICO: 1 CRV8 = 0.0002646 ETH
Soft cover: 15,625 ETH
Hard cover: 156,250 ETH

Token Distribution

  • 75% - token sale
  • 10% - reserve to maintain liquidity
  • 10% - for the launch and operational team
  • 3% - bounty campaign
  • 2% - advisors

Cryptov8 Roadmap

Q3 2016
FCA approve a consumer credit license enabling us to provide personal loans and issue credit cards as well as carry out other consumer credit activities.

Q2 2017
Technology evaluation starts, full list of technology vendors considered.
Application process for full banking licence begins.

Q3 2017
Extensive market research completed to identify consumer preferences, market trends and competitor offerings.

Q1 2018
Regulatory Pre-Application Process.
Generation of Regulatory Business Plan.

Q3 2018
Banking platform vendor selected.
Full banking licence application submitted to the Prudential Regulatory Authority

Q1 2019
Full banking licence Authorisation with Restriction granted.
Crypto Wallet/Account Launch

Q3 2019
Full Banking Licence (without Restriction) granted.
Banking Services Launch. Phase 1 to include:

  • Current Account
  • Savings
  • Loan
  • Business Lending

Q2 2020
Crypto Account Services Expansion

  • Cryptomotiv8 (final features)
  • CryptoG8 (own FIAT gateway/exchange)

Ann Thread:
White Paper:
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1636502

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