PDATA - a new look at working with personal data

Companies want to know about the personal data of the people so that they can make products and provide services according to their needs, but today’s system is not in control as well as it is not opaque and violates the privacy of the consumers and so the companies don’t get enough data according to their need so that they can made good products.
But there is a solution of these serious problems that is brought by opiria and the solution is transparent and secure, it provides a marketplace which ensures that:

  1. Consumers can only share data with those companies and people to whom they want
  2. Consumers have compensation while giving their personal data to the companies
  3. There is no intermediaries or middlemen while giving personal data to the companies

Opiria ecosystem is a block chain based system, visualization of the opiria is shown that how this platform works and how consumers are compensated through PDATA tokens while giving their secret data. 

Introducing Opiria and PDATA platform

Like what has been said before, nowadays the digital industry is facing some problems, especially with personal data. The afraid of many people to put their personal data on the internet is encouraging Opiria and PDATA platform to create the universal decentralized marketplace for secure and transparent transactions of personal data. 

Opiria platform will be serving two different functions for both consumers and companies. For consumers, they are able to controlling their personal data, they also are given maximum protection of their anonymity and their data privacy. 

The consumers also will get the compensation for providing their personal data.Meanwhile, for the companies, Opiria will give the motivation for consumers to make them willingly providing their personal data that will companies buy. Opiria also will providing personal data accurately and will give a better market target and sales activities.

PDATA platform is being used for connecting consumers and companies directly. The consumers can easily become the part of PDATA platform by downloading Opiria app. PDATA platform also erasing the need for middleman that can make high costs and too much time consumption.

Get Closer to PDATA token

To make all the transactions of buying and selling personal data within the Opiria and PDATA platform. We will need the PDATA tokens. It's a digital cryptographic utility token and based on ERC20 that means very easy to integrate to another Ethereum contract.

The total supply of PDATA token is 750.000.000. And 1 PDATA Token will equal as O.1 USD (10 US cents). This value will be adjusted according to the condition of USD value. The pre-sale of PDATA Token Generation Event (TGE) will be starting on 10 April 2018 at 10.00 AM GMT and will end on 20 April 2018.

PDATA token will have two different functions for both consumers and companies, For consumers, PDATA token will be given for them if they participated in the surveys. And their “personal data request” will be increased automatically if they have PDATA tokens. 

There is three hierarchy of PDATA tokens: bronze, silver, and gold. These hierarchy is describing the amount of personal data request from companies that users will get. Higher the hierarchy of PDATA token will be more often “personal data request” is coming for consumers.

Meanwhile, for the companies, the PDATA token will be used to make transactions (buying and selling) personal data of consumers that come from the database. The PDATA token also will be used to send the surveys to consumers and receiving specific personal data by spending PDATA tokens.  

Opiria and PDATA Platform’s Team

To build such an amazing platform, its very necessary to make a great team that has great expertise and outstanding experienced in the digital industry, entrepreneurship, business development, and personal data trading. 

The Founding father of Opiria and PDATA platform is Dr.Ing. Christian Lange. He is already known for his experienced and outstanding contribution to the digital industry because of his engineering background. 

He is leading other members contiguous with Opiria and PDATA platform’s co-founder Marlene Gagesch. The member of Opiria and PDATA team is 9 member and supported by advisors team. 


ANN Thread

My profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1636502 

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