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Welcome my dear readers. I want to tell you about a unique project.
In this post, let's talk about the horyou token.

What is Horyou Token?

This token will be issued by Horyou and this is a utility token which will be used on the platform and will be the fuel of the horyou platform. This token is based on ethereum(ERC-20), Some of the uses of this token are to buy spotlight or help directly for social purposes, payment tools on the horyou marketplace and give rewards to users of horyou community. By using decentralized blockchain technology makes it more transparent.

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What is Horyou?
Horyou is a social network platform that uses blockchain technology. Through this platform allows users to share ideas or help each other. Horyou aims to connect members, organizations, and entities that want to build meaningful social interactions and will facilitate the transformation of ideas into meaningful action or product. Horyout wants to use blockchain technology for the purpose of social good. There are several components on the platform and you need to know is

Social Network
Horyou.com is a social network designed for the purpose of social good. This is a gathering place for all users who want to be part of the social good. Organizations can broadcast about their social activities for social good and seek support from other user
Horyou will introduce partners in which the Company can become part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. By paying membership fees the company will have access to the platform and promote their products or services, 50% fee will be converted into spotlights which will be used to support the actions and organizations in the community.
Horyou social network users can buy or sell their services or products through the marketplace provided by Horyou. Companies can also promote their products or services as well as organizations too. Marketplace will be available for free to the users when they are a buyer but for the seller they must have a profile with level 10 or more. For transaction fee will go to horyou SA.
It is a digital social currency created by horyou, Spotlight to promote worldwide economic inclusion through monetization of interaction on social networks.
Foundation (Non-Profit)
The horyou foundation is a non-profit and built for social good. Spotlight will circulate in the horyou community and will be used for social good on the horyou platform and spotlight is not directly connected with Horyou Token.

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Token Sale Details

Token Name: HYT
Platform: Ethereum
Price: 1 HYT = 0.03 EUR
Accepting: BTC, ETH, ADA, EUR, CHF
Hard Cap: 108,000,000 EUR
Country: Switzerland
Token For Sale: 3,600,000,000 HYT



One of the interesting projects, they aim to create a platform for social good byusing a decentralized blockchain technology makes it more transparent. Everyone who wants to be part from the social good can be connected each other. Guys maybe I've often said this but this is one project that has a very good purpose and certainly very cool! You must be part of this project guys!

It seems enough for now, Sorry if there is a mistake in writing. Do not forget to follow & upvote, I will give some links related to Horyou project below. Thank you very much!

Website: https://www.horyoutoken.io
Facebook: https://facebook.horyoutoken.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.horyoutoken.io/
Telegram: https://telegram.horyoutoken.io/
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.horyoutoken.io/

Bitcointalk Profile Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1930170
Eth Address: 0xB511DFcb34f62bA2528D71542b48a9f988cA163B

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