Mevu is a betting platform that will provide you with a decentralized gaming application


What is MEVU?

MEVU is a decentralized platform that allows users to start bets with anyone. Basically, you can bet to see who will win the next NASCAR event or who will be the first to finish an exam. Anything that has a hidden outcome can be used for MEVU to create a bet. MEVU is a betting platform that will provide you with a decentralized gaming application that will allow you to play individually or in groups.
You can test your unique abilities and compete with friends or find an opponent on the network. The platform provides a function in which you can bet and calculate the end result of popular events with your friends.
MEVU assures us that it is ready to rethink the submission of bets and games in the vein to which we are accustomed and try to create an online bet space more innovative and interactive for our users, combining all these unique innovations, the platform is likely to contribute intense competition between players, to test their skills and knowledge, between each other, thereby increasing the degree of excitement.
In fact, even with a cursory glance, it's safe to say that MEVU is not just a betting platform, it is more unique, innovative, newer and expands the user's potential.


How it works?

The platform has more innovative and intuitive features compared to similar platforms. The main focus is on the current decentralization system, where the system is not centralized at some point, which makes it possible to work more efficiently and better, along with the usual platforms offering bids, at the moment.
MEVU plans to develop a platform that will allow each player to make control directly using Oracle, which in turn will allocate the result in the form of a token. Tokens will be awarded directly to the winner on the basis of data and indicators of the player's success (points) after checking Oracle.
The team strives to develop this algorithm, the most understandable, comfortable and safe for use by project participants. This is done in the same way so that everyone can play and bet without leaving the house without intermediaries and third-party services in order to avoid anxiety and excitement about the legitimacy and safety of the transfer, as well as its speed.
The system of rates, games, which are now presented on various competitive platforms, are all obsolete and require an upgrade in order to meet the requirements of modern sophisticated man.


  • Peer to Peer Bets: MEVU can be used for two friends to bet on any outcome. Thus, making it a good social app for people who like to foster competitive relationships.
  • Gamification: MEVU is created like a game where users can bet against each other. This helps reduce the average age for betters from 45 to 38.
  • Sports Betting: Want to bet on the next Superbowl? Or the next Olympic Event? With MEVU, it helps you do so!
  • Blockchain Reliability: With Blockchain, MEVU helps users by securing their payments and allowing them to process instantly.
  • Decentralized Oracle: MEVU allows users to bet at any time and for any moment. Because of this, you don’t have to wait for a booker to start a bet between with your friends.

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  • Token name:MEVU Token
  • Symbol: MVU
  • Standar ERC-20
  • KYC – Required
  • MVM Max Created 104.800.000 MVU
  • Private Sale 15.000.000 MVU
  • Public Sale 45,000,000 MVU
  • Start Private sales, May 21, 2018 to July 16, 2018
  • Start Public Sale, September 10, 2018 to October 22nd, 2018

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