A unique opportunity to realize all your desires

Hello! In this article, we'll talk about an ideal world. Every person has his own concept of beauty and ideal. But unfortunately, only one can get everything that he wishes. And what about the rest, who do not have resources and opportunities at this stage of their lives? The solution to this is the Pangea program. This is a unique opportunity to realize all your desires in a short time. With this platform, a person can perform peer-to-peer arbitration and create nations.

Feature of the project

It is a decentralized platform with voluntary participation. In the development of this application, everything was thought through to the smallest detail. Everyone can take part in the creation and development of a new nation. This is an operational program that has about 200 nations. On the basis of Bitnation, there are 100 consulates, more than 10,000 citizens. All of them are on five continents. And this is not the limit.

Each participant will be able to use such a list of services based on Bitnation:

  1. Notarial. They can be used for various purposes, such as registration of a birth certificate, power of attorney, registration of companies and so on.
  2. Assistance to refugees. People who do not have citizenship will be able to receive the ID of the blockage.
  3. Partnerships with management services providers. It can be the development of a device for space exploration and so on.

The Bitnation system is developing rapidly. At the moment, a virtual constitution has already been created, and in 2015, the world's first marriage was registered based on the blockbuster.

The platform is developed taking into account new technologies. It is reliably protected from burglary and illegal manipulation. Everyone who creates his own nation will be able to be sure that his citizens will be protected. All actions and operations are conducted on the basis of the formed legislative base.

All created nations have no borders. Its services can be provided independently of the continent. In the future, it is planned to expand the possibilities by which a person can receive real rewards.

Thanks to the application, people can create "smart" contracts with the help of a chat, which will work on the basis of the current law. Also, they will be able to independently create and upload laws, "smart" contracts with prescribed rules.

How to become a token owner?

Bitnation is a modern project that is created with the help of advanced technologies. Before presenting this platform for use, hundreds of studies and tests were conducted, which confirmed that it would be a real breakthrough for humanity.
PAT - a built-in application token, which in a short time managed to win a good reputation. Each participant will be able to accumulate them with the help of drawing up various contracts and as a result of resolving disputes that have arisen under the contracts. The rate of the arbitrage currency is determined not as always by purchasing power, but by productivity.

At the moment, there are about 42 billion PAT tokens. With a total of 18% booked. The main goal of a set of tokens is to have them in the future to pay rewards to participants who have accumulated non-tradable rehearsal funds. Their implementation is divided into three stages. The first is pre-sale, which has already been completed, the second is a public auction and a slow release. All tokens that remain will be sold via exchangers within 2 years. In general, it is planned to realize by the end of 2020 almost 14.5 billion means of payment.
Public sale will begin on March 25 this year. The end of trading is scheduled for April 25. Time may change if earlier 27.3 mln.

Their value is determined by market demand. Anyone who wants to save a decent amount for the purchase of tokens, hurry!

More information you can get from these links:

Website https://tse.bitnation.co/
ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2290580.new
WhitePaper https://github.com/Bit-Nation/Pangea-Docs/raw/master/BITNATION%20Pangea%20Whitepaper%202018.pdf
Telegram https://t.me/PangeaBitnation
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MyBitnation/?ref=br_rs
Bounty https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3081168
Content created by https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1061731

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