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XYO is a program that can change the whole world

Hello! Today we will talk about the whereabouts of both human and non-living matter. Geolocation is very important in this world. Knowing the exact location of an object, you can greatly facilitate the life of a person. One example of such a need is a transaction between a buyer and a seller to move a particular product. The ability to monitor it at any time of the day helps to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements. The XYO platform will help solve many problems. This is the first step to creating a new story. Anyone who becomes a participant in such a program will be able to take advantage of unique functions that the world has not yet seen.

What are the features of the XYO platform?

XYO is a program that can change the whole world. Becoming a participant, everyone will be able to take advantage of unique opportunities. With the help of XYO it is easy to determine with 100% probability where the object resides. For example, by making a request, a specific location of the object or product will appear on the screen.

The XYO network consists of four directions:

  1. The Guards. They collect data about objects that are within the radius of their actions. All collected information is stored with the exact location in the onboard digital brochure.
  2. Bridges. Their task is to move information from the guards to the general detachment. At this point, the data is saved without any changes.
  3. The index of archivists. At this stage, the collection of information comes from bridges. They continuously send information to archivists. Their task is to save, index the received numbers.
  4. The soothsayers. These components receive information that has been transferred to the archivists in order to further verify the location, and to create a response to the entered user requests through the XYO smart contract.
    This system is based on the Ethereum platform. The project is available and ready to go. A team has worked on its development, which knows how to make a simple person's life comfortable. At the moment, there are about 1,000,000 beacons in the world working on Bluetooth, GPS. You can also use LowPower Wide-Area Network devices, mobile applications and other devices.

Anyone who becomes a member of this program can be assured of the accuracy and reliability of the information stored. This is due to the fact that the system was created using new, modern security methods. All data is securely classified. No stranger will have access to them.

How to become a member of this program?

XYO - the ability to always be aware of events. In order to develop and expand our capabilities, we cooperate with other companies around the world. HU Oracle is a decentralized network. The work of the program is completely transparent.
All services provided by the XYO platform are paid using tokens. Their public sale has a multilevel structure. You can buy this financial security during the conduct of public ISO. The auctions started on March 20, 2018, and the closure is scheduled for May 20. The period of the ISO can be shortened if the tokens are sold out earlier. The total quantity that is put up for sale is 1,000,000,000,000 pieces.

Anyone who makes a purchase during the period of the ISO will be able to save a decent amount, as they will have the opportunity to take advantage of the understated prices. Tokens that will not be sold during the event will be irretrievably destroyed.

The XYO network is an opportunity that will certainly be appreciated by those who use it. Now you do not need to worry about finding a parcel or other object. To find out the exact location of its location, it is enough to register and use the search engine. You still have the opportunity to have time to acquire this crypto currency. Therefore hurry!

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