Dicegame is making a step towards a world of high technologies

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From the historical point of view, the origin of the dice dates back more than 5 thousand years. In the ancient times, people used dice to forecast the future, resolve military conflicts, conduct elections, and, for sure, to play. The pharaohs, imperators, common people were engaged in games with the dice. The dice (“gambling” from the Arabic) is the foundation of the Game by itself and its philosophy.

When the dice appeared in gambling, people wanted to bend it to their will to win. Lots of cheating dice were found from digs in the ancient Rome (crooked, leaded, mercuric, sharpen, drilled out, dice with changed markers). However, even today we can notice how experienced players shake dice and roll them between fingers to determine the center-of-gravity shift.

We take a step towards the world of high technologies, thus online gambling industry prospers and attracts lots of people. But, here we cannot but say that the main problems of unknown algorithms of game process and results verification are still actual. In such a case cheating comes not from the user, but from the logic of the centralized system in online games. While DICEGAME platform with the use of the smart contracts on the blockchain technology opens up its heart and provides access to all algorithms of the dice value and winner determination.

We realize the presence of problems in the current world of online gambling and we accept this challenge by developing our own perspective. We see the dicegame platform as a new, better and the only way to fulfill that urge of winning big. Welcome to the new era.

The blockchain technology leads to the creation of the decentralized gambling market. As all payments and transactions are recorded in the blockchain. Users are secured from transaction recall, duplicate payments, and cheating. The users are confident in where their money is, they are assured that results are calculated in a fair way. Gaming companies are able to create their own tokens on the blockchain, integrate special functions into their internal currencies, allow players to trade on exchanges. More value internal gaming assets bring more players’ investments.
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The optimal solution to the problems mentioned above is the usage of the decentralized platform DICEGAME with the use of the smart contracts based on the Graphene blockchain. The powerful features of the Graphene help to achieve our goals of low transaction fees and high speeds. Firstly, in stress tests, the Graphene technology has achieved 10,000-100,000 transactions per second. Secondly, parallelization is used to scale the network, likely up to millions of transactions per second. Thirdly, the asynchronous communications and separate authentication from execution is implemented to achieve speedups, and because it will have no transaction fees, counting operations are not required.

The details about game sessions conducted are securely stored in the blockchain and each user is able to check the results via a user-friendly interface at any time. We propose the following ways of solutions to achieve fair play in the transparent iGaming industry:

We resolve the problem of player’s trust in the system by implementing the open source algorithms of the DICEGAME platform. The logic of dice values and winner determination is delivered by the smart contracts with the help of which we can track the records of input and output data.
We do not impose limits on deposits and withdrawals. We think that the user should keep control over his own money. Thus, the smart contracts do not set any limits on cash-ins and outs.
We eliminate the idea of the frozen funds. We do not exploit users’ money, we just provide the tournament wallet to store the prize fund for a game session. There are no frozen funds, each user has the possibility to check the account of the tournament wallet based on the blockchain anytime.
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UP TO 50% OF WINNING ODDS: face-to-face principle, i.e. games are conducted against a real player’s so that all participants have up to 50% chances to win. It’s a basic premise for all our games. Thus, in the one-to-one game winning probability for each participant is up to 50% while in the sessions with the higher number of players odds of winning depend on rules of the certain game or tournament, but in the meantime, it meets the principles mentioned above.

BONUS TOURNAMENTS: 50% of the company’s revenue will be played out in the bonus tournaments on a regular basis, thus players have a realistic chance to win “easy money”. Solid investors get life-long benefits participating in all bonus tournaments without fulfillment of any conditions. We are going to announce during the token sale the way how to get into these favourable terms.

QUICK AND TRANSPARENT TRANSACTIONS: prize funds of the bonus tournaments will be stored in the Dice tokens so that the company will be regularly redeeming the token from the free traffic.

Currently, we are the new discovery in the world of iGaming. Our primary goal is to have the clients using the DICEGAME platform and playing our games in every corner of the world. With minimum investment, we are able to cover the rather small local market, but our aim is to break into the world of whales.

In the ICO there will be 210 000 000 (Hard Cap) of the Dice tokens issued. The ICO participants will be able to buy 70% of the tokens. If you wish to grab more information on how to invest in ICOs, then click on our page.

For More Information & Participate:
Website : https://dicegame.io/
Whitepaper : https://dicegame.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/dicegameplatforma/?_rdc=1&_rdr
Telegram : https://t.me/dicegame_platform
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DICEGAMEteam
ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3241096.msg33755464#msg33755464
My Bitcointalk Profile:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1944043

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