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Greetings to you dear and my faithful subscribers.

Well, your thoughts?Ready to review the new project?

And it will be interesting and promising! 

I can promise you that.And so the new project is ambitious and s-vechnoe the name DIRO.

 What is it, you ask?? 

DIRO is a decentralized identification and access to the app, which is supported by your crowdsourcing contact list {on the web, the web, the app, on IoT, in contract, on smart VR, AR and other domains using resources) , Automated, organized and always updated contacts with one click access to the service. Make your contacts live-whether it's IVR, wait time, last appointment or just miles or preferences with universal access without access to your contacts. Automatic, Organized and constantly updated contacts with one click to services.

Make your contacts alive, whether options IVR, waiting time, booking, or just your miles or preferences universal access inside your contacts.Make your Sybil identity sustainable with livehuman checks in groups and devices when you talk to family and friends.

Never lose your secret key and confidently recover lost keys using key fragments stored on other phones

A decentralized market IAM (dIAM) (the market at 32 billion U.S. dollars by 2022)

Currently, IAM is highly fragmented and identifiers exist in silos of different service providers. The need for cyber security and access controls is growing at a compounding rate. In addition, billions of IoT devices cannot be monitored by a centralized identity provider because a violation of that identity provider will be catastrophic. IAM without a password

Eliminates the need for open standards hardware tokens or keys, such as SAML SSO, OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect Federation, and so on, with applications in multiple domains.

Universal identifier

Compatibility with seamless global infrastructure and digital signatures Pgp leverages the key ingenuity of SPKI and personalized service (DPKI).

Elimination of synthetic identities.

The biggest passive social graph in the world with SPKI. This also makes the identity of the Sybil-rwith credible evidence. Use the patented cryptographic KYC to eliminate identity fraud.

Automatic privacy

Open and use profile cards to automate the privacy of the entire eco-identification system. Prevent external correlation by using the contact ID. Open context data from a cryptographic and IAM contact without friction.

Strong network effect

Create value through a crowd of large-scale developments and a bunch of virus. With personality best apps it has become a standard network dealer network that displays all the personality and only 1% of users. Generic identifiers

Self Sovereign Identities with seamless Global PGP signature infrastructure and digital signature using SPKI and self-service key lookup (DPKI)

To eliminate synthetic personality

With the biggest passive social graph in the world with SPKI. Next make Sybil identities sustainable with Proof of life. Use the patented cryptographic KYC to eliminate identity fraud.

Automatic privacy

Open and use profile cards to automate privacy in your electronic identity system. Prevent external correlation by using contact identifiers. Unlock personal contextual data from contacts with cryptography and IAM without friction.
Strong network effect. Diro Is a very cool project, just Mego krutetsky.Guys we are offered fiction.

For more information, please post:

Web site: http://www.diro.io/
White paper:
Ads thread:
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3266144.msg34032664# msg34032664

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