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PO8, you can found it online at https://po8.io/, is a blockchain ecosystem adjusting and reorganizing the marine archaeology manufacturing. The Bahamian startup company is making marine archaeology, include in, treasure hunting more inclusive and decentralized. People around the world can participate in treasure hunting expeditions through the tokenization of search and recovery efforts. Through PO8 decentralized applications (DApps), PO8 provides secure, transparent and cost effective blockchain solutions.

The company scalable technologies take ocean exploration to new heights. PO8 is eliminating barriers to entry for people who want to participate in marine archaeology projects, and the decentralizing the distribution of recovered treasures.

PO8 offers three main solutions of marine exploration to new heights in looking for historical artifacts, and give reorganized explanations to registration, authentication, and transfer of the international most prized artifacts. Those three solutions are:

  1. PO8 constructs intelligent contracts to provide any person with a chance to take part in searching and recovering of treasures and be rewarded for performing bounty tasks aiding recovery power.

  2. PO8 creates a blockchain artifact registry system ensuring authenticity of artifacts.

  3. PO8 establishes a safe and transparent reorganized auction house ensuring responsible commerce of artifacts. This allows P08 to auction off a fraction of the recovered treasures and, then, the free sourcing of the space to anyone looking to construct their unique auction for high-end artifacts and treasures on the blockchain. PO8 wants to increase the criterion of fineness in under water recovery searching. Its aim is to focus on the recovery and conservation of these items while also maintaining the integrity of the marine environment in which they are found.


  1. Maritime Artifact Data System (MADS)
    For the first time ever, anyone from around the world can help in the search and recovery efforts of long lost artifact treasures. Simply participate and complete any of bounty tasks and earn free tokens. Bounty tasks include but not limited to analyzing data such as sonar, magnetometer, geo mapping, historical records, weather patterns, video feeds and more.
  2. Historical Open Auction Platform (HOAP)
    The company is creating a whole new way of transferring high value assets in a secure, cost-effective and transparent manner on the blockchain. The decentralized auction is an open source platform, making it easy for anyone to get the most value for their prized possessions.
  3. Government Artifact Auction System (GAAS)
    The GAAS platform serves as a secure escrow service allowing governments, museums and non-profit organizations to register and authenticate artifact treasures to buy, sell and auction historical artifacts between one another. All users of the platform are validated to ensure they are government entities.
  4. PO8 Historical Artifact Registry System (PHARS)
    PHARS is a decentralized registry platform used to identify historical artifacts and certify their authenticity, through the creation of unique signature identifications that live in the blockchain indefinitely.



As a PO8 token holder you will be able to bid on recovered artifacts that are sold on HOAP application. The Historical Open Auction Platform (HOAP) is a system PO8 will make open to the public, for the auctioning of historical artifacts. All assets on HOAP can be verified as authentic and belonging to the rightful owners. Transactions will be completed using PO8 or SIL tokens.


Token Standard: ETHEREUM ERC20
Token Price; $ 0.008
Hardcap: $ 30.3M USD
Softcap: $10M USD
Total Tokens: 10B
Token for sale: 60%

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3rd quarter of 2017
Registered and established Bahamian Corporation. Historical research on the Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, the first search mission PO8.

4th quarter of 2017
A Shipwreck License is granted by the Government of The Bahamas. Appointment of chief advisers.

1st quarter of 2018
Create a smart contract and a wallet based on PO8 Ethereum. Launch of private and pre-sales.

Second quarter of 2018
Launch of public sales. Listing Exchange. The development of a database of MADS Wallet and Blockchain algorithms; historical data collection of diagrams, tides, hurricanes and other natural phenomena. Dive unmanned vehicles and aircraft to collect information about the day and artifacts.

3rd quarter of 2018
Visual data collection from satellites. Available MADS wallet - beta version. Algorithms available database MADS Blockchain - beta version.

4th quarter of 2018
Presentation of interests to the Bahamian government for commercial disposal.

1st quarter of 2019
Embedded intelligence submersible drones. Creation of rescue teams and divers. Available PHAP, HOAP and GAAS - beta version.

Second quarter of 2019
Continue research into the area of ​​data mining and their adjustment.

3rd quarter of 2019
Continue research into the area of ​​data mining and their adjustment. Creation of rescue teams.


More Information Connect to P08

Website: https://po8.io/

Whitepaper: https://po8.io/PO8Whitepaper.pdf

Medium: https://medium.com/@po8

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PO8Coin

Telegram: https://t.me/joinpo8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/po8tech/

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3494680.0

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